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Chandravva's hard work bears fruit

Written by Chandana Publish date 20-Jul-2016
Chandravva in of her home with the newly constructed roof
Chandravva in of her home with the newly constructed roof

Chandravva Gangappa Khatedar is a 62 year old devadasi from Chikkodi, a small town in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. She is a mother of five - her three daughters are married and stay with their in-laws, her elder son is married with two kids and works as a daily wage agricultural labourer and her younger son works as a clerk in the couriers office in town. She lives with her two sons, a daughter-in-law and two school going grandchildren. Being a former devadasi and not being able to go to school, her options once she was out of the demeaning system were very limited. So, to help improve the financial status of her family, she decided to start a goat rearing business. Chandravva applied for a loan of Rs. 20,000 to buy goats and expected a monthly increase of Rs. 7,000 in her income from the goat rearing. She has built her house in a 150sq. ft. land rented out to her by the government over 50 years ago. She pays a small rent of Rs 1,000 per year for the land and the electricity. A couple of years ago, due to heavy rain and wind, the roof of her house caved in and the rain water started pouring in to her home. For a temporary fix of the roof, Chandravva spent all her savings, but the roof was still leaking every time it rained. When the loan amount for the goat rearing business came in, she had been living in her leaky house and was desperately trying to find any money to repair her roof. Though she knew the loan was supposed to used for buying the goats, she had no other choice except using it for rebuilding her roof. With the loan money, Chandravva rebuilt her roof and painted her house and there was none left to buy goats. Though she had a roof over her head, now her financial condition was worse than before. But, it did not dampen her spirits. She took up another loan and started her vegetable selling business. She buys vegetables in bulk quantities from the farmers and sells them in the local market at a profit. Although life threw unimaginable troubles at her, Chandravva has come out of it triumphantly and leads a comfortable life with her family in the newly reconstructed home.

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