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World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

One serious road accident occurs every minute in which at least 17 people die on the Indian roads every hour. This suggests that at least 413 people die every day in 1317 road accidents, leaving many more suffering from serious injuries. Most of these are children. While drunken driving is a major cause of these fatalities, speaking on mobiles phones, speeding and overtaking make it to the list of top causes.
The number of accidents has gone down from last year, but the severity has increased resulting in an alarming rise in deaths especially on the dangerous roads of Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Indore, and Kolkata. While victims themselves suffer from death or serious injuries, families are also unprepared and often traumatized by the amount of financial and emotional responsibility that follow these incidents.

Obstacles For Families Of Accident Victims
  1. Finding immediate medical assistance
  2. Inability to pay upfront admission fee (in the case of families from weak economic background)
  3. Need to mobilize funds for rising medical expenses depending on extent of injuries
  4. Large medical debt due to recurring expenses
  5. Unavailability of quality care as a result of unaffordability
  6. Delay in treatment causing more emotional and financial trauma
Injuries and associated treatment costs including immediate care can be overwhelming for families. Sometimes, surgery and rehabilitation can last for months. If the accident stirs up a legal case, then that family would have to manage expenses for a court battle.

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In case the accident causes permanent disability, leaving the victim unable to work, either temporarily or permanently, it could hamper the family’s future especially when the victim is the sole breadwinner.

The unfortunate truth about road accidents is that they are expensive, and the effects are long-lasting. The financial impact of an accident coupled with resulting physical injuries can leave anyone exhausted and in need of a helping hand. Milaap's online fundraiser platform (over 2 million monthly traffic) makes it faster and easier than ever to raise funds for your emergency medical needsRead More

This World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR), we remember millions of victims whose lives have ended or changed on the roads, with their families, friends and others affected. Milaap hopes to ease the tremendous burden and cost of this everyday disaster to families and communities. If you know anyone who needs financial assistance after a road accident, start a fundraiser on this platform.

While we continue to facilitate crowdfunding, we also stress the need for road safety and reduce traumatic incidents.