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Unemployed Father Cannot Afford 8-Year-Old Son's Cancer Treatment, He Needs Your Help

“We are from a remote village in UP. It is our first time in Mumbai – we have not yet familiarized ourselves with the ways of the big city. After leaving our village for Asad’s cancer treatment, I have been unemployed. I am trying to find a job in Mumbai, but have not been able to yet. I do not know how I will be able to continue his treatment as my savings are slowly running out.”- Afroz Alam Qureshi, father 

Mohammed Asad is suffering from Biphenotypic acute leukemia (BAL) which is a rare form of acute leukemia or blood cancer, in which two types of immature blood cells grow and become cancerous in nature, replacing the healthy blood cells.

BAL is not only uncommon, but it is deadlier than the common types of blood cancer. This is precisely why mere chemotherapy will not work as the mode of treatment in Asad’s case. He will need an urgent bone marrow transplant before his cancer progresses further and kills him.

'It wasn’t just a normal blemish… it was the first sign of cancer'

Asad had always been healthy and fit – so much so that he would not even get seasonal colds. But this was before he got a dark blemish on his face that continued to grow with each passing day. He started getting recurrent fevers shortly after its appearance. 
Doctors in his village did not know what was wrong with him, so they were instructed to go to a hospital with better diagnostic facilities. Afroz and Manhaj took their son to a hospital in Mumbai, where he was diagnosed with cancer.

“Since we are not educated, the doctor had to explain the gravity of the situation to us many times over. When we got to know that his life was at risk, our hearts sank. A parent never imagines that their child will ever get so sick – not even in their wildest dreams.” - Manhaj, mother, tearfully.

This holy month of Ramadan, they are hoping for a miracle to save their son's life

The bone marrow transplant that Asad needs to live costs Rs. 29 lakhs, an amount that this family that survives on a few hundreds a day cannot even fathom. Afroz worked as a manual labourer back in the village, and has been jobless ever since the family came to Mumbai. He is not able to go actively looking for a job, because his son needs him. Meanwhile, Manhaj has to take care of the couple's infant son, Asad’s baby brother, and so Afroz is left dealing with running around for medicines, food, etc. at the hospital.

“We are fasting during this month of Ramadan and praying for his speedy recovery. But most of all, we are hoping for a miracle – some help sent our way to save our son from this aggressive cancer. We hope people will help us in this tough time.” - Afroz

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Patient Mohd Asad is 8 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Blood Cancer

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