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Let the Blind, Lead the Blind! Sambhav Institute Needs Your Help!

"Our dreams are very big. Maybe God didn't give us the gift of sight, but he still gave us the power to achieve anything we want to. Even without being able to see." — one of the students at Sambhav Institution For The Blind 

6 years ago, Vijay Kumar, a blind student himself, founded the Sambhav Institution For The Blind. He has been providing free accommodation and academic help to underprivileged blind children ever since, all without any official sponsors or funding. With more than 25 students now relying on Vijay to protect their futures, he now turns to the kindness of strangers like you, to contribute towards his cause.  

'This institute is for those students who see big dreams, despite their blindness’ — Vijay 

“The Institution gives free accommodation, and regular nutritious meals, to those blind students who are studying regular at Delhi University, and have no place to reside because they belong to very poor families. We provide career counselling, computer training, communication skills, personality development sessions and coaching for various competitive examinations. 
We also provide training in music, verbal communication, art and sports activities. Our students have gotten prestigious awards at state, and even national-level, tournaments. One of our students got a bronze medal in Athletics in the Para-Olympics games of 2018. Our students also get prizes in State and National Level Blind Cricket Tournaments, like Best Wicket Keeper, etc.” — Vijay

These students have a great future ahead of them 

More than 15 of the students who’ve passed through the halls of Sambhav Institution went on to get government jobs in various departments, like the Indian Railways, public sector banks, Kendriya Vidyalaya, etc. Some also took the UPSC Civil Services exam and passed with flying colors.

“Rakesh, who got Computer and Career Counselling at Sambhav Institution passed the UPSC Civil Services Exam with AIR 608 in 2019 and also AIR 512 in 2020 exam. He is currently posted as an IRS officer in the Customs Taxes department in Delhi.” — Vijay

They need your help now 

Vijay has been working hard for 6 straight years to bring a better life and future to his blind students, so that they can live their life with dignity and purpose. With no source of funding, and after the kind of year that the entire country has had, it’s getting hard for Vijay to even pay the rent, to afford food for all his students. 

“I hope to receive support from you so that I can help not just 25 blind students who have big dreams and ambitions, but as many as I can.” — Vijay

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