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9-Year-Old Yuvashri Needs Your Help To Fight Severe Brain Infection

Yuvashri has always been an active, talkative and friendly little girl. She loves playing with her sister and dreams of becoming a doctor one day. She studies with such perseverance that it makes her parents hopeful for her future. But last Saturday after she complained of a severe headache, Yuvashri’s whole world turned upside down. 

Yuvashri is suffering from a severe brain infection and needs urgent surgery to recover.

A severe infection threatens to take her life

9-year-old Yuvashri was born a healthy child and never had any ailment until the age of six. She was diagnosed with a tumour in her throat which was later removed as part of major surgery. Her parents thought that they would never again have to see a day like that in their lives. But now their daughter is fighting something even more dangerous and life-threatening.

Yuvashri has a brain abscess, meaning her brain is internally swollen and filled with pus. Yuvashri has already been through surgery to drain the pus and is now on heavy antibiotics for recovery. She needs continued treatment, possibly with a second surgery at the earliest.

Her life is in danger and we don't know what to do

“We thought it was just a headache but it got severe with every hour. Even the painkiller that the local doctor suggested couldn’t make her feel better. She stopped eating as she couldn’t swallow; not even water could go down her throat. But we never expected something like this to happen. We are not that educated to understand all this but we know her life is in danger. The amount needed for our child’s treatment is way beyond our means and we don’t know what to do.” - Alamelu, mother

Only you can help Yuvashri survive

After the shocking news of their daughter’s condition, Alamelu and Raja ran from pillar to post looking for money to afford the treatment. They went to the nearest pawnshop with all the jewellery they had and sold it. They took small loans too but none of it is enough to continue now. They have exhausted all their money.

Raja works at a general store and his monthly income cannot bear the expense of even the medicines the child needs right now. Only you can help Yuvashri recover.

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Patient Yuva shree lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Kanchi Kamakotti Child Trust Hospital., Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving PICU Care treatment for picu

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