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12-Year-Old Is Unaware Of Her Liver Failing Thinks It Is Just A Minor Illness and She Can Go Home Soon

Vyshnavi’s eyes have turned yellow, and her tummy is swollen. She spends more time at the hospital than at home. Yet, she does not know the severity of her condition. She thinks she is getting treated for a minor illness and can go back to her old life soon.

“We haven’t told her about her damaged liver yet. It will scare her and put the fear of death in her. When she asks us ‘What did the doctor say?’, we lie to her and tell her he said you are going to be fine, which is not the truth.” - Balakrishnan, father 

Vyshnavi is suffering from chronic liver disease, where her liver has lost all function and is 100% damaged. Without an urgent liver transplant, her condition can worsen and even kill her.

Her swollen feet were a sign of bad times to come

When Vyshnavi was born, she had severe jaundice. It took many days of treatment to recover from it, and after that she did not have any significant health issues. But in March 2022, her feet started swelling up unusually. Her parents Balakrishnan and Sujatha took her to a good hospital in Vellore, bordering their village in Andhra Pradesh.

 Doctors told them it was due to liver disease, and prescribed medicines. But as time passed, the swelling worsened. They were then told to rush Vyshnavi to Chennai.

“She could not walk at all because of the fluid-filled swelling. In Chennai, we were told that her liver is not working at all. Her medicine dosage has doubled now. She still doesn’t know anything about her condition. She thinks it is something mild, related to her feet only.” - Sujatha, mother.

‘Being ordinary uneducated farmers, we have no means of saving our child’

Balakrishnan and Sujatha run their household by farming on others’ lands. They make a meagre earning out of this, which is sometimes not even enough for food. They had to spend a lot of money for Vyshnavi’s medicines alone. They do not have money for her tests, let alone the liver transplant.

“We are very poor. We do not even understand her disease. We just know that her liver is damaged. We need your help urgently. We could lose our daughter if we keep delaying her treatment. Please help.” – Balakrishnan

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Patient vyshnavi is 12 years old, living in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in apollo greems, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Receiving treatment for Chronic Liver Disease

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