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4-Month-Old Fighting for His Life For Over 40 Days Needs Your Support To Survive

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Two months ago, baby Vishal ran a high fever that continued for days. His parents Sreejith and Chandana took him to a local hospital but despite medication, the fever was accompanied by breathlessness and the baby was not able to even cry. He was rushed to another hospital in Mysore, where he endured an episode of epilepsy.

“His whole body was shaking and he was frothing at the mouth. It took three people to keep his little body from bouncing off. He was not able to breathe and was on oxygen support throughout. He has not been able to breathe on his own ever since”- Sreejith, father

Sensing that his child’s condition was getting out of hand, Sreejith made the timely decision to rush him to a super-specialty hospital in Kozhikode, Kerala. Baby Vishal was diagnosed with pneumonia. But that was not the worst to come for the little one and his ailing family.

This poor baby has been on ventilator support for over 40 days now

Due to breathlessness, he was immediately shifted to the ICU and has been on and off ventilator support for over 40 days now. His condition was worsened by the fact that he also suffered from sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the body's response to an infection damages its own cells. Shockingly, he also developed meningoencephalitis where there is an inflammation of the brain and surrounding tissues.

My wife started crying when the doctors detailed all the ailments that our little one was suffering from. Even I could not stop my tears. They said they are trying their best to save him. We are very scared, but want him to pull through at any cost.”- Sreejith

Unable to go to work, this father is struggling to save his only child

Sreejith is a manual labourer who earns close to Rs. 15,000 each month, provided he gets work on most days. Ever since his baby has been admitted in the hospital, he has not been able to go to work. His ailing mother is forced to do manual labour now to support the family as both Sreejith and his wife are at the hospital 24*7. Sreejith’s father is unwell and has to stay unattended at home for a long time due to the family’s current situation.

“My wife and I stay in the verandah of the hospital now. Every morning, we go and sit in front of the ICU and pray for our son.”- Sreejith, tearfully.

Baby Vishal needs to stay in the ICU for a few more days so that his condition stabilizes. Doctors are proposing a tracheostomy to clear his airway and help him breathe properly. His parents have already spent Rs. 12 lakhs, all collected from people in their hometown. They have no funds left to keep their son alive.

This baby needs your support and kindness to survive. Click here to save baby Vishal.
Patient vishal is 4 months old, living in Kozhikode, Kerala
Being treated by Dr. Manjula Pediatrician in Aster MIMS Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Receiving treatment for meningoencephalitis

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