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Even If I Sell 100 Bangles In A Day I Can't Save My Son, He Needs Urgent Treatment

“For 40 years, I’ve gone from village to village selling bangles to take care of my sons. My husband left us for another woman when Vijay was a child. I’ve done it all on my own since then. There were days when I’ve gone to bed hungry to feed my kids, but I never regret it. Vijay has grown to be such a responsible boy…he even got a job recently and now..” – Jayamma, mother

Now Vijay is in the ICU after he met with a terrible accident one month ago. The speed at which the tempo hit his bike, even the helmet he was wearing came off. Vijay doesn’t open his eyes now, even when Jayamma begs him to.

She thought she had lost her 23-year-old son

“They ask me to call out to him, they said that hearing his mother’s voice, he will wake up…he will recover faster. But even when my son opens his eyes a little bit, he just stares ahead blankly. Does he even recognize his own mother? I don’t know…”

On 10 August, while Vijay was returning home on his bike, Vijay was hit from behind by speeding vehicle. Passers-by and neighbours rushed to his rescue. When Jayamma reached the hospital, she found her son unconscious, bleeding – she thought she had lost him.

Even if I sell 100 bangles in a day I can’t save my son

Vijay suffered a severe head injury and has multiple injuries on his body. While Jayamma hasn’t left his side since the day he has been admitted, his older brother Naveen has been going to work to try and continue his treatment. But it’s not enough.

“I would barely earn Rs. 50 on some days. We’re very poor. Vijay couldn’t even complete his education because I didn’t have the money to pay for it. But he never held it against me…he told me ‘don’t worry amma, I’ll get a job and everything will be okay’ and he did get a job in a private company…I was so happy. I thought only good days were ahead of us after years of struggling. Now even if I sell 100 bangles in a day I can’t save my son.”

Jayamma has nothing to save her son’s life. All she can do now is cry looking at how helpless he is, lying on the hospital bed. Jayamma has worked hard all her life to take care of her children, she has never depended on anyone. But now, she needs your help.

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Patient Vijay is 23 years old, living in Bangalore, Karnataka
Being treated by Dr.Thimmappa in Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka

Receiving Accident & Trauma treatment for Trauma

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