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These Weavers Are Struggling To Afford A Life-Saving Surgery For Their Son’s Heart Disease

"His life was almost normal after the second surgery. It’s been seven years but he didn’t have any difficulties other than frequent tiredness. Only a month ago we knew his heart condition was worsening when my child fainted on his way back from school. I thought he would have skipped his lunch but after rushing him to the hospital we found out about this serious situation. I couldn’t believe when the doctor told we must operate at the earliest otherwise... My wife and I sat there  speechless...imagining losing our child. Nothing would be more painful than that "- Varadarajan, ather

My child’s heart would stop beating soon…

Little Venkat has a condition where a single blood vessel comes out of his heart instead of the normal 2 vessels. It was corrected at birth by keeping an artificial heart valve which now needs immediate repair due to some complications. He won't live for more than a few months without immediate treatment.

"Even after two surgeries, this disease is not ready to leave my son. It has already spoiled his childhood and studies now is it going to take his life too? I won’t allow anything to take him away from me. We put him in a school only at the age of seven. I kept my child inside and rarely took him out as we were afraid of him getting sick. Just when everything was coming to settle our whole life turned upside down. I don’t know how we are going to afford this life-saving surgery ," Kuppaayi, mother. 

Venkatachalam’s surgery will cost around 4 lakhs. He has only a month left to undergo it but his parents are in a situation where they can’t afford even a lakh. They had already spent their savings and took a loan for the previous surgeries. Both his parents are weavers and their monthly income is enough only to manage their family of five.

Even weaving more saris won’t help me afford the surgery

"I weave saris in a nearby mill for a daily wage of Rs 200. Even if I work overtime I get Rs 50 extra, with which I look after my household expenses. Venkat has two elder sisters who are in school and we have to take care of their needs too. My husband is also a weaver who has moved to a nearby city to earn more to meet our son’s increasing medical needs. We are finding ways to save money even if it is through skipping meals. I have only a month left to save his life and I am praying hard so that God shows us a way out of it ,"- Kuppaayi. 

This 9-year-old has only a month left to cure his heart disease. His parents are struggling to afford the life-saving surgery and are running out of time. Only your generous help and timely action can save him.

Patient Venkatachalam is 9 years old, living in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr.Robert in MIOT Hospitals, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Cardiac treatment for Truncal valve replacement

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