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This 3-Year-Old Keeps Frantically Trying To Scratch The Cancer Out Of Her Eye

"Her eyes started watering and swelling, painfully red. One day, her right eye completely shut, and she kept scratching it all the time. That's when we got to know that there is a tumour inside it. Now the biopsy reports show us that it is rapidly spreading to even her brain, which can affect her motor skills too. Since February, her chemotherapy and radiation is going on. I feel like I have lost my joyful and always smiling Sabira. All I can hear now are cries of pain, the pain that her Ammi can't heal." - Kashmira, mother

Joy on the arrival of their second baby faded when these parents got to know they might lose their first-born

Md. Sabbir and Kashmira were expecting another baby when they got to know about their elder daughter, Sabira, having Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma - cancer of the eye. Every joy came to a halt when the final days of Kashmira's pregnancy was spent running around every hospital.

Md. Sabbir used to do data entry. Since January, because of Sabira's treatment, he has been irregular at work. With a monthly earning of about Rs.9000, he had saved some money too as they were about to have another baby. But everything has been spent now on Sabira's treatment and still they require Rs.6 lakhs more.

All on their own in a new city, they just want to take their baby girl back home soon 

Even after gathering 3 lakhs by selling their marriage jewellery and land, they have spent every penny they had. Now they don't even have any hope from their family, who did not come to visit Sabira even once throughout. Being in a new city for treatment, they don't know anyone who can help them out now.

Family denied help to parents to save their 3-year old girl child

"I always wished for a daughter. I named her Sabira because my name is Sabbir and she is an extended part of me. But now seeing her like this, I just keep asking Allah why her, when he could have given her share of pain to me? And my family... on the same day I got to know that my 3-year old baby has cancer, instead of extending support, my family tried to brainwash us telling there is no need to spend so much money on her treatment because she is a girl child. There was no sympathy from their side, all we heard was how it's just a waste and we should have another child, this time praying it will be a boy. I don't need their money but is their love and support too much to ask for?" - Md. Sabbir, father
Sabira with her 7-month old sister, Sahiba
Sabira's younger sister is only 7 months old now. Her parents have not been able to give her enough time because they are here for Sabira's treatment. Sabira even keeps asking when will her sister, Sahiba, come to see her as she misses her so much. We can gift Sabira another life by our generous contributions. 
Patient Umme sabira is 3 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. Reghu k s in TATA Medical Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Orbital Rhabdomy sarcoma

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