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Deserted By Her Husband, This Mother Needs Your Help To Save Her Premature Twin Babies

"After 15 years of desperation and struggle for a baby of my own, I was blessed with twin babies. However, God decided to turn even that blessing into pain. My twins were born pre-term at just 6 months and now, they are fighting for their life. As soon as my husband learned about the expenses, we had a fight and he left me to fend for myself. Today, I stand alone, determined to save my son and daughter from the hands of this cruel fate." – Latha, Mother

A few weeks ago, Latha went into labor at just 24 weeks of pregnancy and was rushed to the hospital. She gave birth to her twin babies who were born underdeveloped and weak. Her 14-day old baby boy and baby girl are now fighting for their life in the NICU. They need to be in intensive care for the next 3 months until they are fully developed and ready to face the world.

Her husband turned his back on her, leaving her all alone

Suddenly, the last 15 years of my married life seems like a lie. My husband and I had lot of dreams for our children. I never imagined that he would abandon us. How could a father do this to his children? He has taught me the biggest lesson in life. Whatever happens, I will take care of my babies. I just need a little help and prayers from you to face this challenge.” – Latha, Mother

Latha, a homemaker, had to sell all the jewellery she had to pay 4 lakh rupees for her delivery and hospital charges. She has nothing left now to arrange 16 lakh rupees for her babies' treatment. The twins need to remain in the NICU for the next 3 months to recover.

The grim situation has only made her stronger

All I need now are my two babies. They are everything to me. Please help me take my babies home. With them, I can face any challenge in my life. I do not need a man for the sake of it. I can give my babies a decent life. My parents are my only support but even they cannot help me financially at this time. Whatever happens, I will take care of my babies. Your kindness and generosity is all I ask.” – Latha, Mother

Without work and support, Latha is left with no other option than asking for your help. With your contributions, this mother can save her newborn babies. Click her to save Latha's twins.
Patient Baby of Latha is 2 days old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Rainbow Children's Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Preterm twins

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