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Mother Of Five Left With Severe Burns After Horrifying Accident, Needs Your Help

2 years ago, Preetam had been away at work, and his wife Sushma had been preparing to cook for her family when a dreadful seizure resulted in a horrifying burn accident for the 31-year-old mother. Sushma fell towards the stove’s fire, resulting in searing pain as fire engulfed her arm, chest, and face.

“When I returned home, I found Sushma shaking in pain, the cloth of her saree burned and stuck to her skin. She was crying and screaming and I felt the ground shaking beneath my feet. I didn't know what to do, so we rushed her to the hospital where the doctor told us that the burns weren't ordinary but needed urgent surgery to heal properly.” - Preetam, husband. 

She can't move the arm that sustained most of the burns, her pain is unbearable 

Due to the way the burn has melted her arm’s flesh, Sushma can no longer freely move her right arm, and burn scars visible on her face and chest as well. The doctor has concluded that urgent surgery is the only cure for her severe burns, the cost of which is estimated to be around INR 7.50 Lakhs.

I'm in so much pain, I can't even put it into words. Our work requires us to be on our feet and be on the move, but my condition has restricted my movement.  Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing my young children look at me with so much worry and sadness. I had just wanted to make food for them, why did this happen to me?” - Sushma, tearfully. 

Working at a sugarcane mill, the family of seven lives in extreme poverty and can barely get through each day 

Sushma and Preetam have five children, two sons, and three daughters, the second youngest son suffers from hearing and speech impairment. She and Preetam along with their older children are employed at a sugar mill, working in the production of jaggery. Living in extreme poverty and with an income of 400 rupees a day, the family has a hand-to-mouth existence.

I can't even imagine the amount of money that it will cost for this surgery. We have worked just to feed our stomachs, we have never even had the money for an extra meal. We have suffered all through our lives, Sushma is a very simple woman who has always wanted to live for us, to take care of her family. Her seizures have been terrible and even more aggravated ever since the incident. She cries in helplessness. I can only pray for help. We are exhausted from every corner, there are no savings or no relatives that we can lean on to, we can only hope for people's generosity. Please help us.” - Preetam.

Kindness is the strength that guides millions each day out of darkness. The same goes for these parents who have always lived very simple lives with even simpler dreams. Your help can return their smiles.

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Registration Number - AAOCM6666MF20229
EIN 20-5139364

Patient Sushma is 31 years old, living in Haridwar, Uttarakhand
Being treated in Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Receiving treatment for Second Degree Burn/Partial-thickness burns

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