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After A Wrong Injection Damaged 80% Of His Brain, 7-Year-Old Is Fighting Hard To Survive Severe Complications

Monojit and Sweety's son is 7 years old today but has never got a chance to speak, eat, move or see. An injection administered wrongly damaged 80% of their child's brain when he was just a year old. 

"They say time heals but for us, we still shiver whenever we think of that night that changed our life. He was mistakenly injected with potassium chloride directly into his vein, sending him into a cardiac arrest within 12 seconds. I stood there frozen, seeing my baby's eyes roll into his head as he went numb. If only I knew that would be the last day my son would see me with his own eyes, I would've hugged him longer." - Sweety, mother

He was just a year old when he had a cardiac arrest

7 years ago, Monojit and Sweety went to the hospital to treat their baby's dehydration. He was supposed to get discharged after being administered saline and regular medicines. But unfortunately, a trainee nurse injected him with potassium chloride instead of saline, that too directly into his vein. This is extremely lethal and goes on to immediately block the heart. This is what happened with their 1-year old baby too back then.

He narrowly escaped death but continues to be in a vegetative state 

The doctors tried CPR on him to resuscitate him and kept him on ventilation for nearly 22 days. He narrowly escaped death even after a brain stroke but by then, his brain was damaged by 80%, putting him in a vegetative state. He lost all his muscle movement along with his vision.

"His MRI scans revealed his pancreas was completely damaged too from the incident. Since then, he hasn't been fed anything through mouth. We are just keeping him alive through liquid supplement pouches with the help of a feeding pump that is connected to his stomach." - Monojit, father

He needs a stomach surgery urgently to stop him from throwing up 

But around October 2022, the situation turned worse when their son started throwing up constantly. This went on for over a month and on the day of his discharge, within an hour he had to be readmitted. The only way now left to prevent his condition from deteriorating further is for him to undergo a stomach surgery that will drastically help reduce his vomiting tendency.

"I am coming to terms with the fact that my son may never become a normal child again, as he was at birth. But that doesn't make me love him any less. Despite such hardships, he has fought and stayed alive for us, to give us the opportunity to be his parents. He was deprived of a chance to even call us Maa or Baba, but even without words his love is what has kept us holding onto this miraculous hope. We can't undo what happened but that surgery can help us to minimize his pain." - Monojit, father

Their world will come crashing down if they lose their only child

Monojit has been spending close to Rs.50,000 every month for the machines that keep his child alive. Till date, his expenses have crossed over 70 lakhs but he has kept going without fail for the past 7 years, only in the hopes that one day his child will become responsive. They have tried everything, from a brain surgery to physiotherapy but nothing has worked for them. After all this, they need INR 7.7 lakhs more for his stomach surgery, along with an additional INR 4.2 lakhs to continue his treatment at home. The costs will be incurred on the following on a monthly basis:

1. Amika feeding pump (rented) - INR 11,000
2. Fresenius kabi feeding bag - INR 6,500
3. Feeding solution - INR 21,000
4. Medicine - INR 11,500

"My wife had to leave her job because my son needs her by his side 24x7. I work as a photojournalist but it has been hard when I'm not able to go to work. We barely scrounge by and that has left us emotionally and financially drained. We didn't choose this life for us but with your help we can save the little bit of happiness left in our lives - our son." - Monojit, father

When their son was absolutely healthy as a baby 


Not a single night has gone by when these parents wished they could undo that tragic night. Their life revolves around their only child and they have gone to extreme ends to save him, putting at stake everything they own. They are miserably torn now because this ongoing adversity can make them lose the battle of 7 long years.

They can only rely on your kind support now. Please click here to help their only child get a stomach surgery to survive. 

Identity of the child is protected in adherence to government guidelines.
Patient Son of Monojit Saha is 7 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated in AMRI Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving treatment for Brain damage

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