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Labourer Father Struggles To Pay For Siddhi's Cancer Care

Mohan is a daily wage labourer from a small village in Maharashtra. Despite living hand to mouth, he lived a happy life; his children were doing well in school and he was hopeful of them living a better life. He never imagined how quickly all his dreams could be snatched away from him. His 11-year old daughter Siddhi has been diagnosed with  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a severe type of blood cancer. He needs your help to save her.

Afraid to tell Siddhi the truth about her cancer

5 weeks ago, 11-year-old Siddhi had a high fever and no medicine seemed to give her relief. She became too weak to perform her daily activities. When she was taken to a doctor, the parents were told something they never expected. They had only heard of what cancer can do to a person, but watching it all happen to their child was devastating. The thought that they might lose her forever is killing them.

Siddhi still doesn’t know why she has to stay isolated or take painful injections or why she can’t go to school which she loves. She keeps asking her parents, but they're afraid to tell her the truth.

She always had big dreams for her future

“She has always been bright and active. She was a topper in school and loved learning. Every day her dreams for the future would change. Some days she'd say she wants to become a District Collector and some days a pilot. We'd smile at her innocence and excitement, but confident in our belief that she would achieve all her dreams. I am afraid that the truth might shatter her dreams. So, we promise her she will be fine soon. We just want to keep that promise and take her home.” - Ujwala, mother

Young Siddhi in happier timesShe is responding to treatment but the parents struggle to continue

“The doctors have told us Siddhi is responding to the treatment, she is getting better. This is the only good news amidst everything that is happening to us. With continued treatment, my daughter can go home all cured. But I have merely seen a few thousand rupees in my lifetime, 10 lakhs is beyond my wildest dreams! For a poor labourer like me, such a big amount is impossible. Where will I get it from? Time is running out and I don’t know what to do. -Mohan

This 11-year-old is fighting bravely and we need to give her hope to get better. Her father is running from pillar to post to save her, but nothing is enough. With your help, Siddhi can overcome this disease. Click here to donate.
Patient Siddhi Mohan Kamble is 11 years old, living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Star Superspeciality Clinic & Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Receiving ICU Care treatment for B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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