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You’re This Single Mother’s Only Hope At Saving Her 4-Year-Old From Cancer

“My life would have no meaning without my son. My 4-year-old Shreyank means the whole world to me. I cannot imagine a life where he won’t be there to hug me, kiss me and even wipe my occasional tears. But right now, he is battling cancer and the thought of losing him to the disease is haunting me. My son's all I have but how do I save him?”- Kavya Sri, mother. 

Kavya is a single parent who is struggling very hard to save her only son from aggressively spreading cancer but at this time she feels that the odds are against her.  

A month ago, Shreyank stopped eating completely 

Shreyank has always been an active and cheerful child. Not just his own family but the entire neighbourhood loves this little boy who says the cutest things when you talk to him. Healthy and full of life, Shreyank hardly ever fell sick. So when he stopped eating all of a sudden, Kavya got really scared.

“I immediately took him to a local clinic but they said there’s nothing to worry about - a vitamin tonic would bring his appetite back. But even after a month, his appetite remained the same. But now it was coupled with swelling in his stomach. I rushed him to a bigger hospital in Bangalore only to find out that he has liver cancer!” - Kavya, while trying very hard to hide her tears.  

He asks me to take him home, how do I tell him that he needs the painful treatment?

It’s been a month and Shreyank has undergone the first two rounds of chemotherapy. Kavya has spent all her savings and even mortgaged her jewelry. But he needs four more rounds of painful chemo and a surgery to be cured completely. 

“But he hates staying at the hospital. Every morning he wakes up and asks me if today is the day when I’ll take him home and everyday I come up with new excuses. I keep telling him that he will get well soon but what if he doesn’t, what if...I lose my child without treatment?” - Kavya.  

Your kind support can save Shreyank’s life

Kavya works in a private company and earns a meagre income most of which goes into taking care of her family. She has an aged mother, a handicapped father and a younger sister who has just started a new job. She hardly has any savings.  

“In the last few months I haven’t even received a regular salary. And with Shreyank’s diagnosis, Daddy has been forced to take up a small job at a water tank factory. Everyone is doing their bit but it’s impossible for us to arrange for 10 lakhs to get Shreyank treated, please help me,” - Kavya. 

Kavya has already spent over a lakh till now and her savings are exhausted. Her only child is battling cancer and this mother doesn’t know how she can save him. Her heart aches as she sees her only reason to live slowly wither away. You can help Kavya save Shreyank - click here to donate. 
Patient Shreyank is 4 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Hepatoblastoma

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