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This 16-Year Old Bharatanatyam Dancer Is Desperately Trying To Fight Blood Cancer

Papia breaks down as she recalls how last week, her daughter could be saved only at the mercy of a stranger, who had donated blood for her in this unknown city. 16-year old Shreya is fighting Blood Cancer and needs frequent blood transfusions along with chemotherapy to survive.


She wakes up with bruises on her body due to this rare cancer

16-year old Shreya was dreaming to be a trained Bharatanatyam dancer but now she is bed-ridden with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It was just a visit to Kolkata during Durga Pujas when she noticed red dots on her body. Thinking her skin to be sensitive, she visited a doctor but little did she know that a normal blood test would turn her entire world around for the worse. Shreya can hardly move from her bed without her mother's support now.

"With every passing day, we can see how her cancer is attacking her immunity. Everyday she wakes up vomiting. Sometimes, there are bruises on her body that appear out of nowhere. I try to stay strong but I'm a mother...I break down seeing my child suffer like this every minute."- Papia, mother

A salesman by profession, this father is unable to afford his daughter's treatment

Now as she fights this rare Blood Cancer, her parents are terrified of this cancer aggressively progressing in her body without treatment. But in the past month alone, Surajit and Papia have spent around 6 lakhs but they still fall short of 10 lakhs to continue her further chemotherapy. Being a salesman, Surajit is unable to afford his daughter's treatment. Things got so tough that he had to leave his daughter and wife in this new city just so that he could try to gather some money.

"While all my friends were celebrating Christmas and New Year with their family, I was in the hospital fighting for my life. Even my Baba wasn't here with me because he had to open his shop in Guwahati. I miss them but he will be so upset seeing me lose all my hair now. He used to love my long hair more than I did. I wish Baba was here with me." - Shreya

Shivering due to fever, even layers of blanket failed to help her

"I've been tucking her in layers and layers of blankets, still Shreya keeps shivering. It was not even 24 hours after her discharge from the hospital that we had to admit her again. This infection made her fever shoot up all of a sudden so badly that out of nowhere she got clots on her body and her blood pressure kept dropping. They took her into isolation immediately because of low immunity."- Papia, mother  

But all their efforts are going in vain as time is running out and their business is again shut due to COVID. It is next to impossible for them to arrange 10 lakhs so soon but with your help, these parents can save their daughter from this deadly cancer.

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Patient Shreya Das is 16 years old, living in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
Being treated in TATA Medical Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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