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Deadly Cancer Has Left This 4-Year-Old Completely Bedridden, He Needs Help To Survive

Sharvik is 4 years old. At an age where he should ideally be running around and playing games, he is completely bedridden and in a lot of pain because of cancer. He sticks to his mother, Pavithra, for comfort all the time. As a result, she spends most of the day with her son, house work and her other priorities taking the back seat. 

“He is very sick and needs me to lie next to him, or at least be in the same room as him. He cries and tells me his body hurts. He has not played with his sister or even enjoyed her company in a long time. He has stopped being himself.” - Pavithra, mother of Sharvik.

Sharvik has been diagnosed with Precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer where there are excess immature white blood cells, known as B-cell lymphoblasts, in the bloodstream and bone marrow. Sharvik’s condition is especially critical as his hemoglobin levels keep dipping regularly, and he needs blood transfusions along with chemotherapy to stabilize his condition.

He has already undergone 4 rounds of chemotherapy, but that is not enough

Sharvik was a bubbly kid before cancer reared its ugly head in his life. It all started with a small swelling on his neck that didn't subside, followed by recurrent fevers. Initially, his parents took him to a small local clinic for treatment, in their small village in Erode. When that didn't work, they took him to Coimbatore, where blood tests revealed he had cancer. He has undergone 4 rounds of chemotherapy in the last two months, but that is not nearly enough. He needs a few more cycles of his planned treatment for the next 2 years to beat cancer. 

When the nurses insert the central line for chemotherapy in the veins of his arm, he screams like he is being attacked. I cannot bear to see him suffer like this. I pray that no parent goes through what I have to, right now.”- Pavithra, tearfully.

Without a source of income, his parents are struggling to keep up with treatment costs

Sharvik’s father, Pushparaj, is the only earning member of the family. He sells tender coconut in a small roadside shack in Erode, and earns daily wages ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 600. But this was before Sharvik’s illness disrupted the whole family’s lives. Pushparaj has not been able to go to work ever since Sharvik’s treatment began, as Paviithra was not able to manage everything on her own. Now, they are sinking in debt and finding it difficult to afford even basic supplies.

“Sharvik keeps on throwing up as a side effect of his treatment. His blood count also becomes low sometimes - and right then and there he needs to be taken to the hospital. My husband stopped going to work to help me take care of Sharvik. We've managed so far by borrowing loans but have not been able to pay anyone back till now. We cannot keep doing this anymore. Please help us.” - Pavithra.

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Patient Sharvik is 4 years old, living in Erode, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in G.Kuppusamy Naidu Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia

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