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To fulfil Her Granddaughter's Hunger, A 85-Year-Old Grandmother Used To Fill Her Stomach With Just Water

I was in college when my father had a devastating brain hemorrhage, which left him paralyzed. It had felt like the world was crumbling, and our family was put in a serious financial crisis. But the kindness I saw in the people around me during that time changed me as a person forever. There is a very vivid memory that stands out in my mind, from those days. There was a maid in my hostel who, despite her own financial struggles, would regularly share her food with us students. There was no hesitation, no misgiving. Instead, there was always a smile on her face. I think it was her selflessness that was the tipping point for me.

Watching her share her food every single day, without missing a day, ignited a spark in me.  I told myself that if she could share what little she had, I would do whatever I could too, to help those in need.

My name is Vaidehi Ahlawat and I, along with Amanpreet Gautam, founded Mission Aahaar in 2021. Ever since, we have been trying our best to make sure that nobody suffers from hunger simply because they're unprivileged. Having grown up in a farmer family, the significance of food is etched deep within my soul. I spent my whole life watching farmers, the unsung heroes, toil under the sun, cultivating grains and crops, staying close to Mother Earth, and nurturing life itself. This legacy of nurturing and resilience fuels my mission to combat hunger. It's a mission born from the heart, inspired by the spirit of my ancestors who taught me that feeding others is the truest form of love.

Challenges Faced by the Underprivileged

  • Extreme Living Conditions: Many of the people we serve reside in hazardous environments, struggling with unsanitary conditions that pose severe health risks.
  • Malnutrition and Health Issues: Limited access to nutritious food leads to widespread malnutrition and worsens existing health problems.
  • Social Stigma and Emotional Trauma: Abandoned or marginalized by society, they face social isolation and stigma that deeply impacts their mental well-being.
  • Desperate Survival Measures:Desperation forces some to take extreme measures just to survive, and end up walking the criminal path.
  • Lack of Shelter: Many lack adequate shelter, leaving them exposed to harsh weather conditions and further compromising their health and safety.

Through Mission Aahaar, we address these problems by...

  1. Providing Nutritious Meals: We serve approximately 1500-2000 meals daily, ensuring that the most vulnerable receive regular, nutritious food. Our meals typically include dal, rice, roti, and mixed vegetables to meet basic dietary needs.
  2. Community Kitchens: We have established community kitchens where people can access affordable meals for as little as Rs. 5 or Rs. 10. These kitchens foster a sense of unity and equality.
  3. Emotional Support and Education: In addition to food, we offer nutrition education programs and collaborate with healthcare providers to ensure our assistance is tailored to the needs of the community.

Despite our efforts, challenges persist

  • Lack of Resources: We need approximately Rs. 5-6 lakh per month to operate, but funding is a constant struggle. Most of our support comes from individual and household donors.
  • Infrastructure Needs: We need more equipment and resources to expand our operations and reach more people.
  • Community Engagement: While we have 250-300 volunteers and 15-16 paid workers, we continuously seek more community participation to sustain and grow our mission.

To address these persistent challenges, we need urgent financial assistance and community support. With your help, we can continue providing nutritious meals and hope to those in need, breaking the cycle of poverty and malnutrition.

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EIN 20-5139364

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