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Poor Parents Can't Afford Their 4-Year-Old's Cancer Treatment, They Beg For Your Help

“We have left our village and come to a big city like Mumbai with the hope that somehow we can save our daughter’s life. My husband and I are desperatly trying to give our 4-year-old daughter a chance to live and see this world. We don’t have any big dreams or wishes as we are aware we cannot afford those things.” – Sangeeta, Mother

Sameeksha has blood cancer and needs to undergo chemotherapy

Sameeksha's parents, Santhosh and Sangeeta, are doing everything they can to save their child from the clutches of blood cancer. Sameeksha was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia about a month ago. Currently, she is undergoing her 2nd cycle of chemotherapy at a hospital in Mumbai.

The parents are struggling to afford her treatment that is estimated at INR 5 Lakh. To top that, they need nearly INR 2,000 every day to take Sameeksha to the hospital for her treatment.

We cannot afford even basic expenses

Our biggest problem right now is that we are unable to afford travel and food charges. Everyday, we need to travel about 50 Km to the hospital from Belapur, where we are currently staying with my mother. We don’t have a home here as we are from a village near Belagavi in Karnataka. We have spent all we could and can no longer afford these expenses or the hospital charges.

Santhosh thought he could earn some money for his daughter's treatment by doing odd jobs in 2020. Unfortunately, he had an accident at a construction site before the lockdown began. He is now bedridden and unable to continue working.

This unfortunate turn of events has left the family in a bad state

“I don’t know how much more God will test us. No one in our family, including my brothers who are trying to help us, have jobs right now. The pandemic, my husband’s injury, my daughter’s cancer... how much more can a person handle? I beg you, please help us if you can.” – Sangeetha, Mother

Sameeksha has a recovery chance of 70-80% with timely treatments. Even your small contribution can go a long way in saving this 4-year-old’s life. Click here to save Sameeksha.
Patient Sameeksha Salunkhe is 4 years old, living in Belagavi, Karnataka
Being treated in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Blood Cancer

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