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This Teenager's Only Hope For Survival Is A Bone Marrow Transplant But His Family Can't Afford It

Even in a critical state, Sakir and his father, Alimul, have no other option than to travel extensively for 15 hours by train from the village for Sakir's chemotherapy. For them, staying in the city for even a day would mean sacrificing their entire income for the week.

After almost a year they found out he has cancer

Sakir has Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma which has weakened his immunity by producing abnormally high white blood cells. Without continued treatment, this cancer has been rapidly spreading to his entire body. Along with chemotherapy, Sakir now also needs an urgent Bone Marrow Transplant. This has created panic amongst his parents who are unable to afford 14 lakhs for this treatment.

Since January 2020, Sakir has been suffering from night sweats and extreme fatigue. His nose used to bleed a lot too and he drastically lost weight. In December, his condition deteriorated so much that the only way out was a surgery where they found a polyp in his lymph node.

He tested positive for Covid but couldn't find an empty hospital bed

Once Sakir's oxygen levels plummeted dangerously and he felt extreme uneasiness in his chest. Their worst fears came true when Sakir was tested positive for Covid-19 while having cancer. He stood in line at midnight for 12 hours while his parents and brother frantically tried to arrange an empty bed in the hospital, which further compromised his immunity.

"If we fall sick, we have to borrow money to be able to visit a doctor and pay his fees. Sakir knows that and despite being unwell he hid it from us. His neck suddenly started swelling and his chest used to pain while breathing. We neglected his health so much that he we had to undergo a surgery for it. I am an illiterate but I know that cancer is fatal and if I don't get another surgery done, I can lose my Sakir."- Alimul, father 

Sakir neglected his health for a year due to financial hardship

Sakir and his elder brother, Saddam, had to drop out of school while they were in the 9th standard because their father couldn't afford to pay their fees. Their mother also suffers from back issues and since then they have been living on every day wage. To pay for Sakir's medicines, his elder brother took the job of washing and repairing cars. Even after pooling everything, they are hardly left with anything to sustain on.

"My father has spent more than 10 lakhs on his treatment. The doctor had warned him not to delay his chemo by any chance. So without informing us he even sold his farming land. Now we have no source of income left. Sakir's treatment has already been delayed due to COVID and without this Transplant now, his days are numbered."- Saddam, brother  

Sakir with his parents and brother

A happy-go-lucky teenager, Sakir used to make everyone laugh with him. But now, he blames himself for this devastating condition of his family. The only way for him to make them smile again is by recovering from cancer soon but that can happen only when he can arrange 14 lakhs for it.

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Patient Sakir Hossain is 18 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated in Narayana hospital, Howrah, West Bengal

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant

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