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This Farmer Needs Your Help To Get Rescued From Complete Blindness In Future

Prokash was travelling to the city to consult a doctor for his wife. On his way, he realised he is suffering from double vision. He thought he must be having some eye power fluctuation but later he got to know that he has a tumour in his brain.

He never imagined it could be a tumour

Prokash is a farmer in a small village in West Bengal. Most of the time he is busy taking care of the farm. He used to have a headache quite often but never had the time to visit a doctor. He managed to go to the hospital that night when he was taking his wife to the doctoer. He went for a check-up for himself along with his wife. The doctor told there is a change of eye power. Prokash charged his pair of spectacles according to the doctor’s advice but his condition never improved. An MRI report revealed he has a brain tumour.

The doctors suggested me to go to Bangalore. I had to leave everything and come to this unknown city for my treatment. We had no idea how to manage in a city without knowing anyone. My family is dependent on me, my kids are still studying. I cannot take the risk of losing my vision at this moment.

Prokash left everything and is staying in a small room in Bangalore for his treatment

Doctors have asked him to undergo an operation as soon as possible. The expenses are too high for them to afford. It's almost been a week that Prokash is staying in Bangalore with his wife and brother. At the first instance, Prokash did not tell his children that he is suffering from a brain tumour. He was scared, kids will breakdown if they come to know about his condition. Now they got to know about their father’s condition. They are tensed and wants to stay with their father. But Prokash cannot afford to let the  children stay with him 

Prokash earns around Rs.3000 per month. He has already spent Rs.80,000 on his treatment so far. To get back his vision he has to undergo a surgery that would cost him Rs. 2 Lakhs. Whatever savings we have accumulated before coming to Bangalore is getting exhausted in my medicine and rent. If they can’t arrange for the fund urgently, he will end up losing his vision completely.

He has no money or job to manage the expenses of his treatment

He works as a farmer in others farm. His income has stopped completely because he had to leave his job. He needs to get back home as early as possible so that he can continue to work. He has asked help from his relatives but no one is in a financial position to give him a lump sum amount of money. More over a lot of money is also getting drained out on his medical test and medications.

How You Can Help

Prokash is in need of Rs.2 lakhs to save him from complete blindness. He is under a lot of stress, he has already run out of savings and is unemployed now. Our support can help him come out of this traumatising situation.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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