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Cancer Can Take This Aspiring Footballer's Leg And Life

Pramod loves playing football. Ronaldo is his favourite, he doesn’t miss any of his matches on TV. Being in the playground gives my son more joy than sitting in a classroom. He wishes to be a famous footballer one day. But now a rapidly spreading cancer is slowly disabling my son. He can’t walk! What’s more painful is that the doctors can't operate on it," – Premalatha, mother

12-year-old Pramod and his parents never imagined that a normal health camp in his school would end up revealing a dangerous underlying disease. Three months back, his class was taken to a medical check-up camp where the doctor who examined him felt a lump in his abdomen. He found it suspicious and asked Pramod to bring his parents to the hospital the next day.

The news shook me - I couldn't believe what the doctors said

 "We took scans and blood tests and the results came. The doctors said that my son has end-stage bone cancer…I sat there shocked, unable to digest the news. I prayed to every God I knew and wished it to be just a dream. I didn’t believe them and took him to two more hospitals. Everyone confirmed that my son has cancer and no surgery could cure him," - Premalatha.

Pramod has metastatic Ewing sarcoma, a bone cancer that occurs in legs and pelvic bone. His cancer which started in his hip bone has now spread to his stomach and the only cure is chemotherapy. Due to the tumour in the hip, he cannot walk properly and his legs are becoming weaker each day.

If there's any delay in treatment, Pramod might never walk again

"Just weeks before starting his chemo he began experiencing pain in his left leg. He couldn’t lift it and was dragging his leg while walking. I got scared at this sight and doctors told his tumour has aggravated and he needs to be admitted right away. Doctors requested us not to miss any cycles, else there are high chances that he may not walk again. It is too late for a surgery but these painful chemo cycles can cure him," - Premalatha.

Unaware of his cancer, Pramod hopes to get back to his training soon

Pramod is upset and asks his parents daily when he can go back to school and continue his training. He watches only football matches on TV in the hospital. But they haven’t told him yet that he won’t be able to go for his practice for the next few years due to the treatment. 

Pramod’s father, Anandan, hasn't been able to go to work regularly due to his treatment. His salary is not enough even to buy medicines. He has spent lakhs on tests, check-ups and the first cycle of chemo. With nothing left to continue his treatment, he is struggling to borrow money from people to pay the huge amount of 25 lakhs. If his son misses one session of chemo it can turn fatal.

"No one is ready to help us and my son’s life is deteriorating. I want him back. I wish to see him run happily. I want to drop him at the ground for early morning practice, see my boy strike a goal and laugh with joy…I miss those happy moments and I pray to God each day to give him back to me...healthy.."- Anandan.

A rare cancer is hindering this little boy's dreams and putting his precious life at risk. He needs your help to fight it and come out cancer-free. Only your generous contributions can help Pramod.

Patient Pramod A is 11 years old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr. Deenadayalan in Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Bone tumour fro hip bone

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