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Multiple Organ Complication Might Take Her Life Before She Turns 1, She Needs Your Help

“I moved far away from home, so I could provide for my family. My daughter was born in December last year but, due to covid restrictions, I couldn’t come back to see her. Every day I longed to meet her and managed with video calls. But I never thought I would see my daughter for the first time in a hospital, unconscious and battling for her life.” - Mirza, father

She tested positive for dengue, leading to multi-organ complication

In the 3rd week of October, baby Omaira suffered from a high fever which refused to come down and soon, she was tested positive for dengue. Though she was admitted immediately at the nearest hospital, delay in treatment led to multiple organ complications, putting her life at risk.

“The previous hospital did nothing to make her condition better and we rushed her here in such a critical state that we almost lost her. Her kidneys, lungs and liver, all were at risk. But my brave girl battled with all her might and survived. Her father though, broke at the sight of our little girl wrapped in tubes and wires. He knew she was sick but didn’t expect this…” - Seema, mother

I am failing to continue her treatment

“I want to take her into my arms, talk, laugh and play with her, but I am running around doing my best to keep her alive. But I am failing to keep up with the expenses now. Every rupee that we saved and managed to borrow is now gone, we have nothing left to keep going.” - Mirza

Mirza used to work as a sales assistant in Dublin, Ireland, and is now back with no job in hand. He has exhausted all his resources and is failing to keep her treatment going. Omaira needs at least 2 weeks of continued treatment to survive for which it would cost INR 10 -12 lakhs.

Her condition is improving, a few more days in the NICU can save her

Omaira’s lungs were at the verge of collapsing, her kidneys failed and she had to undergo dialysis. Her Liver is scarred too. For the past few days we have been seeing improvement in her condition and we are sure she’ll be back to normal in no time but only if we can afford her treatment.” - Seema

Mirza has spent more than 20 lakh rupees and needs 12 lakhs more but he won’t be arrange it. Without continued treatment, Omaira won’t be able to make it. You can help! Click here to donate. Your small contribution can save Omaira’s life. 
Patient Omaira Hussain is 10 months 21 days old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated in Rainbow Children's Hospitals, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving ICU Care treatment for Severe Dengue

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