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6-Year Old Niharika Was Fighting Cancer Instead Of Celebrating Her Favourite Festival This Year

This year, the festivities at Bachate family hardly reminded them of any revelry. Unlike other years, their little daughter was not there to get excited and dress up to make colourful rangolis. Instead she was bed-ridden and fighting Blood Cancer at the hospital.

"Be it Ganesh Chaturthi or Diwali, Niharika would get excited weeks before to celebrate it. She would keep asking me, 'Baba, when do we go shopping, I want to buy a pink lehenga.' But this time, my heart broke seeing her in the hospital gown... so weak and feeble from her cancer, that she didn't even remember it was festival time. Her face has lost all shine and I'm terrified of how quickly this cancer is snatching our smiling Nihu away from us"- Rajaram, father

She had to be hospitalized twice for critically low platelets

6-year old Niharika is suffering from T-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a rare aggressive form of Blood Cancer. The very cells that are supposed to build her immunity are turning cancerous for her. This condition has reduced her platelets to a critically lower range in more than two instances, where she had to be hospitalized immediately. It's been a month that her legs have weakened so much that she keeps falling whenever she tries to walk.

"She has always been a quiet girl so it took us much longer to understand that something as deadly as cancer kept growing inside her. Her recurring fevers kept getting worse and she started bleeding from her nose. Still our local doctor assured us it's just the heat and weather change. But once while walking I saw her lose balance and fall down, unable to get up at all."- Ashwini, mother 

She is in constant need of blood transfusions and chemotherapy

Currently, she needs Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy along with Blood Transfusions on a regular basis. Rajaram, her father, is unable to go for work during the day as he has to be present in the hospital the whole day. With no other option left, he is forced to work night shifts at a repair shop to arrange 12 lakhs for her treatment.

He works night shift at a repair shop to fend for his daughter's treatment

With no prior history of cancer ever in their family before, Rajaram and Ashwini are unable to figure out how their daughter could be prone to it. But now what terrifies them the most is not only losing their daughter but also the risk of Niharika's twin brother having it. They need help to save their daughter because Rajaram is unable to make anything substantial from his night job.  

"My wife has to be beside Niharika's bed all the time because needles scare my baby girl a lot. Meanwhile, I take care of getting all the medicines and managing the bills. Sometimes when she has serious complications, I'm unable to go to work at night and my pay gets cut. That day I don't earn anything. I'm already under a burden of loans from so many people that nobody lends me their money anymore now. "- Rajaram, father 

Rajaram and Ashwini need urgent help for their daughter's Chemotherapy. For the past few months, they have done everything in their capacity to arrange funds but all of it got spent on her treatment in just a week. Now, they are begging you to chip in whatever way you can to help them save their baby girl. Click here to contribute to save 6-year old Niharika. 
Patient Niharika R Bachate is 6 years old, living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Being treated in Bafna Superspeciality Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Blood Cancer

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