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10-Year Old With Weak Bladder And Bowel Movements Suffers Silently To Avoid Being Shamed For Wearing Diapers

After undergoing two surgeries, Naiteek's parents are desperately awaiting his third surgery. He has lost control of his bladder and bowel movements and only a surgery can help him now.

Pratibha, Naiteek's mother, visits his school daily twice a day just to check on him and help him change his diapers. It can be infectious for Naiteek to stay with such discomfort over a long period of time, in order to avoid being mocked by his classmates.

"Naiteek would always come back home from school with swollen eyes and tears. All the kids mock him for wearing a diaper even at the age of 10. Many times, he doesn't inform the teachers about his soiled diapers and silently suffers out of the fear of embarrassment. But now, diapers are no longer enough and his motions are uncontrollable, making him extremely weak and feeble. At this tender age, he just wants to be accepted amongst his peers and fails to understand the reason why he is different from them." - Pratibha, mother  

His reflexes are delayed because of a deformed spinal cord since birth 

When Naiteek was born, his spinal cord had failed to close and was bulging out of his lower back. After just a few months of birth, he underwent a surgery to close that sac and also drain the fluid that was accumulating inside his brain.

"His spinal cord doesn't function properly and that has stunted his growth. His legs began to deform on its own and till date, he has delayed reflexes. If he hurts his leg, he is not able to feel any sensation for a few minutes. We thought a surgery would fix his legs but now that his weight is increasing, his weak legs are struggling to carry his own body." - Pratibha, mother

He needs an urgent surgery to discharge the accumulated wastes from his body 

With surgery, a new tube can be created to help Naiteek connect his bladder to his belly button to avoid infections arising from accumulated wastes. That is the only way to help this kid urinate through a catheter and help him fight this condition. Unable to bear the swelling and redness anymore, he screams in pain. But his parents need INR 9 lakhs for this procedure to be carried out.

'My son has a good heart, but this condition is making life so painful for him'

Pratibha's husband works as a driver and whatever money they earn, they are spending it all on their son's medicines and diapers. Pratibha is unable to work as Naiteek is bed-ridden and she needs to be beside him 24x7. Amidst all of this, they are unable to save anything substantial to get this surgery done.

"My son has such a good heart but this condition is making life so painful for him. He hasn't been able to attend his classes for the past few months and gets frequent nightmares. There have been multiple incidents of my son waking up drenched in sweat. I don't want his innocence to be replaced with constant dread. Please help me with this surgery so that my son resume his normal life." - Pratibha, mother 

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Patient Naiteek Rajesh Kadam is 10 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for MMC With Bladder & Bowel Continence

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