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A Live Wire Left This 13-Year-Old With Severe Burns, She Needs Your Help To Recover

“We sat on the table for lunch when suddenly rain started to pour. My daughter, Vijaya, rushed upstairs to get the washed clothes from the terrace and within the next few minutes, we heard a loud noise like a something had blasted. It was Vijaya. I still remember vividly, rushing upstairs and seeing her unconscious, lying against the wall, with her clothes burnt to ashes and her body black as coal.” 
- Jyothi, mother

He was terrified at the sight of his daughter’s burned body

On the 18th of June at around 1:30 p.m, 13-year-old Vijaya came in contact with a high voltage live wire that shocked her, leaving a hole in her back and third-degree burns on half of her upper body. She was rushed to the nearby hospital, while Jyothi contacted her husband who was out at work.

“I couldn’t believe what I heard on the phone. I reached the hospital immediately and was desperately waiting outside, and when the ambulance came, I ran to see her. I was shocked to see my daughter like that and I couldn’t stop crying. No parent could imagine seeing their child like this. Without any delay, she was administered first aid right on the stretcher itself and we were asked to take her to a bigger hospital as her condition was very severe.’’ - Aravind, father

She needs prolonged treatment to recover

The parents rushed her in the same ambulance to a bigger hospital which was about 65km away. The entire way they kept talking to Vijaya, asking her to stay strong but the poor girl couldn’t even keep her eyes open, which in turn terrified her parents.

On arrival, an emergency surgery was performed for the hole in her back. Due to complications, the index finger of her left hand had to be amputated. After initial treatment, Vijaya was out of danger and it took several weeks for her to finally be able to talk or move. But her battle is not over yet. She has to undergo another surgery, followed by prolonged treatment to completely recover,  and these poor parents cannot afford to pay for it.

Merely a driver, her father can't afford the treatment alone

Aravind works as a driver and only earns when there is work available for him. Affording this treatment, which will cost him lakhs, is beyond his means. He has exhausted all that he had on his daughter's treatment so far. Now, you are his only hope.

“Her voice is still feeble and weak. Doctors don’t allow me to visit her much as there is a high risk of infection. I can’t tell you how painful it is to be just a few steps away from my daughter and still not be able to console her in her time of need. It is just breaking me...I am failing as a father, I am failing to save her.” - Aravind

Without your help, these parents won't be able to provide Vijaya the treatment she needs. Your small contribution can make a huge difference for Vijaya and save her life. Click here to donate.
Patient Naga Vijaya Lakshmi is 13 years old, living in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in Nori Hospital, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Receiving ICU Care treatment for Burns

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