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His Parents Are Terrified He Will Forget What It Feels Like To Stand On His Own

"Once upon a time, my son used to find it difficult to sit in one place. He used to run around here and there. Now, he can't walk, can't stand! His life has changed so much!" - Umapathi, father

When he was 4, he began struggling to walk… and never recovered

“He was in dance, in sports, and every other activity! But one day when he was 4-years-old we noticed he was struggling to walk. We thought he had twisted his muscles, and carried him around for a few days. But it’s been 5 years now, and we still carry him…” – Gowri, mother
Now, when Mourya wakes up every day, Umapathi carries him to the toilet and helps him with it. Later, he bathes him and dresses him up. Little Mourya can’t even button his shirts, for his hands shiver. After feeding him his breakfast, Umapathi carries Mourya to school and places him on his desk, where he stays until he’s picked up in the evening. Diapers mean he doesn't need bathroom breaks, so Mourya sits in his place all through the day, while kids his age run around. His parents are terrified he’ll forget what it feels like to stand on his feet!

They spent 5 years running around in circles, looking to cure their little boy

“There is no medicine we haven’t tried. Homeopathy, Ayurveda... we’ve tried all forms. We’d go to a doctor and start with the prescribed medication; it would have no impact; then they’d suggest a different doctor. It was a cycle. We spent 4 years like this, shuttling from hospitals to hospitals. But he could never walk…” – Umapathi, father

After all this time the problem has been identified, and so has the solution

A diagnostic test has revealed that there was an obstruction in Mourya's brain that has caused too much fluid to accumulate. This increased pressure in his brain is what caused him to develop walking difficulties and the stiffening of his arms and legs. Soon, it will cause cognitive problems as well. He has been advised to undergo a surgery immediately, lest it gets more complicated. 

With an income of just 3,000 a month, Umapathi cannot afford his son’s surgery

Umapathi works as an assistant for a lawyer. Although he goes for work every day, he only earns when there are clients. Having spent every rupee they had saved and earned over the last 5 years for his medication, the parents are helpless. 

I can be at his service all my life, I don’t have a problem with that. He’s my son, after all! But does he deserve a life like that? Not being able to wash himself, or being stuffed with diapers? I have just one dream for him, and that’s for him to stand on his own two feet independently, and chase his dreams!” – Umapathi

This 9-year-old hasn't begun living, and his parents are afraid he never might. Your contribution can give him back his life.
Patient Mourya is 9 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Rare tumor

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