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Without This Surgery, It's A Matter Of Life And Death For 4-Year-Old Monish

“Every time someone comes home, he runs and lifts his shirt to show them the deep scar of his earlier cardiac surgery, giggling. Because no one else has it, he’s proud! We all fall silent and pray in our minds that our innocent little boy survives this sickness.” – Maheshwari, mother.

For 4-year-old Monish Ram, every day is a struggle! He loves running around, but he can’t even walk for long. He pants and sits down right where he is. He begs his parents for the snacks on the streets that everybody else is enjoying. But he can’t eat them! Climbing stairs is a herculean task, and his hands and legs ache all the time. When he catches a cold, it takes him a whole month to be cured of it. He wants to be like the other kids his age, but his sickness won’t let him.

“Despite his struggles, I’ve never seen him sulking. He always has a big smile on his face!” – Maheshwari.

At 7 months, it was revealed he had a hole in his heart

“He was a very active child. But he would get tired every now and then. He would become quiet for sometime and then get back to running around. It was at 7 months that we were told that he has a hole in his heart and required two surgeries. We were shocked...” – Maheshwari.

“We have never talked ill of others, or wished them bad. I don’t know for what reason we’re being punished this way!” - Mariappan

A year later, he had his first open-heart surgery. They were told that he would require two surgeries. The first after he turned a little over 1, and the second one when he would be 4-5 years of age.

"Once he went in for the surgery,  we stood there praying, fighting all the negative thoughts that kept popping up! The wait killed us. But then he came back to us, and he was doing so much better. We were overjoyed...but even then, we knew he had to come back here for another surgery! Another period of waiting! Another nightmare!” – Mariappan, father.

“When someone talks about how he’s doing in life, my wife turns blank. She turns pale. She looks so helpless, that it hurts! At this point, we are scared. Very scared!” - Mariappan

After 2 years, his condition is now getting worse

After his surgery, he had regular check-ups to assess his condition. During a recent check-up, it was discovered that among other complications in his heart, one of his valves has shrunk. One by one, the symptoms are starting to show up. His nails turn blue, and he gets too tired, too easily. Left without treatment, this could turn worse. The doctors suggest that he undergo the surgery immediately, to avoid further complications. But his father can't afford it.

Mariappan is a daily-wage labourer who earns no more than Rs. 300- 400 a day. His job is unstable and, on most days, he has no work, and has to stay back home. Being the sole-breadwinner, whatever he earned has been enough for their survival. However now, the surgery costs 8 lakhs and he has no source of funds. It has been days since he has gone for work, and he is in desperate need of funds.

“He never disobeys me. When I say something, he understands and nods, and smiles – even when I say he needs to sit still as they prick the needle in his arms. His eyes well up, but he doesn’t budge. He’s a little gem and I don’t know how to save him. I want him to get better, to take him home and to see him live his life like the other kids! But, how? I have no money....” – Mariappan, father.

This ever-smiling 4-year-old isn't even aware he's fighting death. Your generous contribution can help save him!

Patient Monish Ram is 4 years old, living in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr. neville solomon in Apollo Childrens Hospital, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Cardiac treatment for Bilateral glenn

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