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His First Steps Revealed His Deformed Spine, He Might Never Walk Properly Again Without Surgery

A baby’s first steps are always a happy, memorable moment for parents. Unfortunately for Puttaraju and Divya, it was a moment of shock. As little Mohith tried to take his first steps when he was just 9-months-old, they noticed that his upper body was bent to the right side. On that day, his parents were told that he might never walk properly again without surgery.

“We were supposed to celebrate him walking, instead we were in the hospital getting numerous tests done. On the day he took his first steps, we found out that he has a spinal deformity.” - Puttaraju, father

Mohith with his sister

For his 2nd birthday, his father wants to give him the gift of a pain-free childhood

Baby Mohith (1.5) has Kyphoscoliosis, the abnormal curve of the spine. This can affect the lungs, nerves and heart, causing severe back pain, disfigurement and breathing trouble. Luckily for Mohith, he can be saved from this pain, but only if he gets a surgery before he turns 2-years-old.

“I took him to 4-5 hospitals to get tests done, and everyone said the same thing - If the surgery is delayed any further, his spine might never be corrected. His birthday is in a few months, and the best gift I can give him is the chance of a pain-free life.”

Unfortunately, his savings and monthly income can't cover even 1/3 of the surgery cost

Puttaraju is from a small village near Maddur, Karnataka. He moved to Bangalore a few years ago to earn a better living.

“I drive a luggage auto for a living. I help transport household items from families that are moving. When there is work, I earn 500-600 rupees in a day. With this, I have to pay my house rent and my daughter’s school fees. I haven’t ever been able to save more 10,000 rupees. I had to spend 15-20,000 on his tests, and had to even borrow for that.”

Puttaraju needs to arrange 3.5 lakhs for his son’s surgery, and he has no one to turn to. Divya has been extremely worried ever since their son’s diagnosis. The fear of her 1-year-old getting surgery at such a young age keeps her awake at night. Her health too has taken a beating, but she knows that this is the only thing that can save him.

Despite his condition baby Mohith continues to be active. He loves playing with his older sister. However, he can’t go on for long without the surgery.

This playful, happy child needs your help to get the surgery before he turns 2 so that he can live a healthy life, without the pain and trauma of a deformity. His parents plead for your help.

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