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These Parents Will Lose Their 1-Month-Old To Pneumonia Without Urgent Treatment

Just about a month ago, Veerpal and Chandrawati were the happiest couple in the village of Fatehpur Billoch, Haryana. A beautiful and healthy little boy was born to them. Little did the parents know that within a month’s time their life will turn into a nightmare.
“Kartik started having cough and cold and a slight fever. We thought it was because of the change in the weather. But it started getting worse. And then, all of a sudden, we noticed that he was struggling to breathe. The medicines that the local doctors gave was not working and we were so scared. The entire night we spent in the fear that we might lose our newborn,” - Veerpal, father.  

You could hardly see his body between all the tubes and nozzles

The next day when the worried parents took Kartik to a  bigger hospital, they admitted him immediately. He was suffering from severe pneumonia and blood infection.

“They put him in the ventilator support. They said he might not be able to make it. My heart broke! Which mother wants to hear this, you tell me? I couldn’t eat anything for days, I didn’t even move from his side…” - Chandrawati, mother.  

Kartik is getting better but he needs further care - his poor father can’t afford that

The little baby has fought hard and has overcome the toughest times. But he is still not out of danger. He needs to be in the hospital for longer - that’s the only way Kartik can get better.
“But I am just a daily wager. On days I get work, I earn something around Rs 300. That is not enough to put food on our plates how will I arrange for 1.5 lakhs? I need your help, my son needs your help…” - Veerpal breaks down.  

A few more weeks in the hospital and Kartik will be fine. He will be able to go back home. But his parents are too poor to afford the treatment - your contribution can save his life
Patient Master Kartik is 1 month old, living in Faridabad
Being treated by Dr Pawan Sharma in Swastik Hospital, Faridabad

Receiving treatment for Pneumonia

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