Stomach Bloated To A Size Of A Watermelon Without a Liver Transplant Rayan's Other Organs Could Stop Functioning | Milaap
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Stomach Bloated To A Size Of A Watermelon Without a Liver Transplant Rayan's Other Organs Could Stop Functioning

"A few months ago, I was distributing sweets on the occasion of Rayan's birth at the university where I teach. I was so ecstatic at the birth of my first child, that I could have never imagined that today I'll be trembling with fear of losing him any moment. All along he was being treated for jaundice and we were absolutely unaware that it was actually his failing liver. All his vitals are malfunctioning to the extent that for the last three days my son has been critical in the ICU." - Md. Al Amin, father 

Helpless parents discovered their son's failing liver 6 months after his birth

Little Rayan had been suffering from jaundice since birth. 3 months went by but no medicine could relieve him from his chronic condition. After 6 months of suffering, he was diagnosed with liver failure, due to biliary atresia. In this condition, his liver ducts are blocked and  the accumulated bile has damaged his organ. As a result of this, his abdomen as well as the scrotum has swelled up abnormally, risking his survival.

The past few days have been extremely tough on this poor baby, who has been bleeding excessively through skin patches and stool. His skin is coming off and his blood pressure levels keep sinking unexpectedly, putting his parents in a very terrifying state mentally. If they want to save their baby, they need to get him a liver transplant but the costs for it have been beyond Al Amin and Shamina's financial capability.

Without a liver transplant soon, his other organs could stop functioning 

"The doctors gave me only one month's 'safe' time. But that was back in February and that has already passed. This conditon has wreaking havoc on my little Rayan's body, and any further delay could cost him his life! He is already in the ICU and the doctors are desperately trying to drain out the excess fluid to keep him alive. But despite trying their best, their hands are tied too. Even though his cure is at arm's reach, it seems miles away - until we can arrange for 15.5 lakh rupees. Only then can I free my son from the clutches of death, before all his organs shut down too."- Shamina, mother

Nurturing hundreds of students daily, this Professor's own child is now on the brink of death

Rayan's parents have travelled all the way from Bangladesh, not just once but twice, only to save their son. Al Amin has risked his job as a professor to be with his son during such a dire time. Despite nurturing his students with so much love and passion, he never imagined a day would come where his own child would be fighting every second of life to breathe.  

"What we thought would be a normal check-up turned into a nightmare for us. Seeing Rayan's condition deteriorate, we left our country in a hurry with whatever amount we had in hand. But the situation was so grim that we had spent every single penny to keep our son alive, leaving us with no money to even return to my hometown. I frantically sold Shamina's jewellery to buy tickets back home just so that I could apply for loans and borrow money urgently for my son's transplant." - Md. Al Amin, father

Rayan is currently admitted in the ICU on oxygen support because he has been losing a lot of blood. His abdomen is swelling due to fluid retention, but his dry weight is drastically going down. If his parents fail to arrange the money in the next few days, all their frantic efforts to keep him alive for the past 6 months will be in vain. These parents don't deserve seeing their son going through such a bitter experience right from birth.

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Patient Rayan is 1 year old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Max Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for liver transplant

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