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A Deadly Liver Disease Has Sucked The Life Out Of A Once Lively 7-Year-Old

Till just a month ago, 7-year-old Likitha spent all her time playing with her doll. She’d sing it songs, and take care of it, like her mother took care of her. Today, she lies on the hospital bed, her hands legs and face swollen; a needle stuck to her leg, for glucose intake and one more in her hand. These two are forever there, like shackles that bind her. She tries to sit up, but her stomach won’t let her. She’s in pain, for her liver has failed her. A transplant can save her, but the parents can’t afford it.

Clutching her stomach, Likitha shrieked in pain

One day, all of a sudden, she held her stomach and screamed. It was sudden. She said she couldn’t bear the pain. She bent down, unable to stand straight, and began crying loudly. We did not understand what was going on. Our village doctor ran test after test, and told us our Likitha was fighting a severe case of jaundice that’s impossible to treat. He asked us to rush to a bigger hospital in the city and so we did. There, they told us something no parent should hear!” – Channa Gowda, father.

Likitha doesn't have much time on her hands

The doctor told us that Likitha’s liver was in the worst shape. It had failed entirely. They told me she did not have much time, and that it wasn’t possible to save her. Our world stood still. I thought I’d die, hearing the news. I stepped into the ICU and sat by her side, holding on to her for as long as I could. The worst day of my life. 4 days, more scans, and more tests later, they asked us to rush to Bangalore for a transplant. The moment we heard there was hope, we packed our bags and got down in Bangalore.” – Jayalakshmi, mother.

It’s been 20 long days of pain for Likitha…and she might give up any minute now

Likitha has been diagnosed with Wilson’s disease - a genetic disorder that leads to accumulation of copper resulting in the damage of brain or liver. In Likitha’s case, it has lead to a liver failure. Only a liver transplant can save her.

She gets 3 injections in the morning, and 3 at night. Then, there are multiple blood and platelet transfusions all through the day, and tests. Then, there are days when her stomach swells too much, and the fluid has to be removed. So many needles go in and out of her, I can’t imagine how my soft-spoken little girl is sitting through all this! But all this is to save her…and I hope she survives!” – Jayalakshmi.

“I am ready to donate my liver but I can’t afford to pay 18 lakhs”

Channa Gowda is a daily-wage labourer who earns Rs.300 on days there’s work. In the past 20 days, he’s spent over Rs 60,000 and is already in debts.

“I’m the sole bread winner of the family, and I’m the donor. I can’t work for 6 months after the transplant. How will I take care of my family? After the transplant too, she needs medicines all her life. How can I afford that, with the transplant amounting to 18 lakhs!? Please help me!” – Channa Gowda.

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Patient Likitha YC is 7 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Aster RV Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Liver failure

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