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After A 12-Year Fight, Krishi Only Has 7 Days To Defeat Her Disease Before It Kills Her

She could have easily lost her entire childhood to this disease. Daily medicines, monthly blood transfusions. But she never gave up. She always fought through her weakness, aiming to be the best. She has won school-awards for singing, for dancing, for painting. All that and she has always somehow been a top student as well!  
But now... Krishi has reached her limit. Without an urgent surgery... her disease may defeat her after all, and I’ll lose my little one...
— Parvati, mother, breaking down

Krishi was just 3 months old when her parents discovered she had a life-threatening disease. She had developed a persistent fever, that wouldn’t go down despite prescribed medicines. When doctors tested her, the reports were conclusive. Little Krishi had Thalassemia, a blood disorder. Her body couldn't (and still can’t) produce healthy blood on its own, leading to constant weakness, stunted growth, and oxygen deprivation (severe breathlessness for no apparent reason). She had to get an urgent blood transfusion that day. And she has needed one every month for the past 12 years.  

'Don't worry, Krishi, nothing will happen...'

“It’s been tough. There have been times where she watched the nurse insert the needle into her arm, like the dozens of times they have in the past, and asked me Will this ever stop? Will I ever be normal?’... and it just breaks my heart. Other times, she has come crying, saying children were teasing her for being so short, or because she wanted to keep playing but her little body was just... too tired to keep up with her heart’s wishes! Whenever she got upset like that because of her disease I would tell her ‘Don’t worry, Krishi. God is watching over you. Nothing will happen.’ and she would go back to being her usual, peppy, self. But now... even I’m having trouble keeping faith.

Krishi only has 1 week left to get the bone marrow transplant

Krishi’s disease was manageable so far, but now she needs an urgent bone marrow transplant. Krishi has been waitin to get the procedure done since she was 8, but she was too young then. Now, she’s 12, and time is running out. Blood transfusions are only a temporary solution at best. In fact, regular transfusions for more than even a few years leads to dangerous complications, like copper poisoning and even death. It also leaves her severely weakened and in pain for days after each session. Now, after 12 years of transfusions, Poor Krishi is in such a state that if she doesn't get the transplant done within 7 days, she may not survive. Her sister, Pooja (25) has come forward as the donor.

'Don't worry, mumma, nothing will happen...' 

"My husband is a private employee in Bengaluru. He stayed there to keep working and try to arrange the funds, while I brought Krishi and Pooja here to Chennai to get the procedure done as soon as possible. I’ve been praying and hoping that somehow we can come up with the money, but she just has a week left! I’ve been crying and panicking, and now my Krishi has started telling me ‘Don’t worry, mumma. God is watching over me. Nothing will happen.’! How is she so brave?! Why are we so helpless?! She deserves to live a long and happy life! Please, you are our only hope now. Krishi’s only hope. Please..."

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Patient krishi kanya is 12 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Dr. Revathi Raj - Best Hematologist in Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Thalassemia

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