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A Dangerous Liver Disease Is Causing This 1-Year-Old To Itch Helplessly And Cry In Pain

The news of Bismy’s pregnancy was shared amongst the family with absolute joy and the birth of her beautiful baby girl was celebrated like a festival. Anns and Bismy were overwhelmed as they were finally going to start a family of their own.

“Who isn’t excited about their first time as parents, we were too. But just within 3 months everything changed. Rather than watching our newborn giggle, we watched her cry in pain.” - Bismy

First major surgery at just 4 months 

The 5 inches scar on her stomach tells us the pain she had to endure at such a tender age. Kesiya was just 4 months old when she was diagnosed with severe liver damage. She needed urgent Kasai surgery to survive. To save their daughter, these parents sold everything they had of value and borrowed all they could. Without any delay, they managed to get her the surgery on time.

“I thought the worst was over and that now our baby is safe. The next few months were sheer bliss, every day I woke up to my daughter laughing and the pain she went through was way behind her but I was so wrong.” -Anns, father.

Kesiya’s liver is failing, she needs urgent transplant

In February this year, just when Kesiya just turned 1, she started falling sick again. Her entire body started to itch followed by severe rashes all over her body that refused to go with any medicine. Her stomach started to swell abnormally too. When Kesiya underwent tests, she was diagnosed with a chronic liver disease. 

“Ever since the diagnosis, we have been trying to get her treatment done but we have no means to afford it. If our struggles were already not enough, the pandemic began too. It hit us so hard that it was difficult to even afford food for the family. How could we afford her transplant?" - Anns.

With a few hundred rupees left in our pocket, how will we save her?

“ I am an auto driver and Bismy works as a receptionist. Ever since this pandemic, I have rarely earned anything and Bismy’s income alone is not enough. The transplant will cost us in lakhs but we don’t even have a few hundred rupees left in our pocket. How will we save Kesiya!?” - Anns. 

“Why couldn’t it end with that one surgery? Why does my child need to suffer like this? In just 3 months she will turn 2 but I am very scared, I am scared that my child might not be with us, her condition is very critical and I am unable to do anything about it. I feel so helpless. Without the transplant, I will lose my child. You are my only hope.” - Bismy

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Patient Kesiya Anns is 1 year old, living in Kochi, Kerala
Being treated in Aster Medcity, Kochi, Kerala

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Liver failure

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