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The Last Thing His Parents Did Before They Died In The Accident Was Save His Life

The moment I picked up the call and heard ‘Ajji...’ (grandmother), then the sound of Keerthi sobbing, I was terrified. I kept asking him what happened but he just cried. Then a man’s voice asked me if I was Keerthi's grandmother. He said...
‘...I’m sorry ma’am. But... your family met with an accident. Your daughter and her husband have died. Only Keerthi has survived, and he’s badly hurt.’  
- Indiramma 

Ishwarappa, Gayatri, and Keerthi were a small but happy family. Hailing from a village that is 700km from Bengaluru, the couple had moved to the city when Keerthi was just a baby so they could give him the one thing they never had growing up: an education. They both worked for daily wages in construction, earning just enough to put Keerthi in school. They still visited their village once a year, though, and it was during one such trip, three months ago, that the unthinkable happened.  

Everything changed in few seconds...

“Ever since Ishwar married my daughter, he has thought of me as as his amma, and insisted on spending Ganesh Chaturti in my house every year. This year, after a week of celebrations, they were on their way back to Bengaluru when... They were going on a bike, with Keerthi sitting on my daughter’s lap. Suddenly, a bus came out of nowhere and... it rammed into them. Just before she died, my daughter was able to throw Keerthi off the bike and out of harm’s way. But she and Ishwar...”  
- Indiramma, unable to continue 

Keerthi made it out of the accident with his life... but without his parents 

While Keerthi survived, it was only barely. He still sustained injuries that left him nearly dead. His right leg had a severe fracture where his bone tore through his skin, he bled out so much that his heart struggled to keep him alive, and many of his organ systems started failing; mainly his lungs. Over the next few months, it became apparent that he suffered brain damage too: he started having prolonged seizures that lasted more than 30 minutes at a time, and the left-side of his body started showing signs of paralysis.

Keerthi doesn’t talk anymore, and Indiramma doesn’t know what to say to him either 

“He’s so quiet, doesn’t cry. I can see the sadness in him, but it’s like he’s bottling it all up. I used to try and talk to him…but. Each day that his treatment is postponed, I’m losing more and more of my grandson. I’ve lost everything else. Now I don’t have money to even buy food…what will I have left if I lose my grandson too? I’m so scared that I won’t be able to save him. It will be my fault…” 
- Indiramma 

Indiramma has been praying every minute of every day for the past three months, because prayers are all she has left. Even without anyone left to support, she never stopped working as a farmer, and had built up a small amount of savings. All that money has now been spent, and she has nothing left for poor Keerthi’s treatment.  

You are now their only hope. They think they just have each other left. Think of them as your own family, and donate now. 
Patient Keerthi is 9 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated by Dr.Supraja in People Tree Hospitals, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Status Epilepticus / SE

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