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A Farmer Needs Urgent Help To Save His Daughter From Aggressive Cancer

“We took her to Bangalore from our village in Tadipatri and they said that she needed treatment for blood cancer. We want to do everything we can for our daughter. But everything is so expensive. Sometimes we need to spend Rs 40,000 in just a day. Though we have managed for a month, we don’t know how we will finish the treatment.” – Devanjaneyulu, Kavitha’s father

Kavitha’s illness started with a fever that was diagnosed as cancer

Kavitha studies in class 9 and her illness came to light because she had persistent high fever. After a week, her parents decided to take her to the nearest town – Anantapur. At Anantapur, they said that Kavita had some problem in her blood and that it was best to take her to a better hospital, somewhere in Bangalore.

“We came to Bangalore, and the doctor madam said that she needed to get big tests done. They told us what it was and that it had become very serious. Then they started her treatment. She has completed one cycle and her fever has finally broken. But she still needs a lot more treatment, and we have come back to the village to arrange for that.” – Hemadevi, Kavitha’s mother.  

They mortgaged everything for Kavitha’s treatment, but it is not enough

“We have left her in Bangalore with her aunt and came home to arrange money. We’ve mortgaged what little land we had and borrowed from everyone who will give us. At this point, we have nothing left to even educate our children. We must save our daughter before we can think of the future.” – Devanjaneyulu

‘Cancer’ is a scary word and Devanjaneyulu and his wife are very scared for their child’s life. Kavitha has finished the first cycle of her chemotherapy and her parents have already spent a little over Rs 4.5 lakhs. They are desperately trying to arrange for more money so their daughter can complete her treatment. It is an incredibly difficult situation for people who earn a daily-wage living.

Seeing their daughter fade away is the parents’ worst fear

“She was asking to go home from the moment she got admitted. Now, she is so tired that she does not have the energy to even say that much. We live a hard life where we desperately look for back breaking work every day. But it is all right because we do it for our children – our son and daughter. I can’t bear the thought of something bad happening to one of them because we didn’t have money.” – Hemadevi

Kavitha’s treatment must not stop

Kavitha has an aggressive blood cancer – Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) – and even the slightest delay in treatment can mean the difference between life and death. Already it is starting to affect her organs. With complete treatment she has a good chance of surviving because she is young. But their financial situation is a wall that the family cannot climb over without help.

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Patient kavitha is 13 years old, living in Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in st.johns banglore, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

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