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Father Of 2-Year-Old Has Put His Life At Risk To Save His Son Battling Rare Cancer

The past year hasn’t been kind to the Das family. First, the family suffered the harsh repercussions of the pandemic-led lockdown and struggled to get by under severe financial hardships. Now, they’re having to go through one of the most difficult and painful situations as parents - watching their 2-year-old fight for his life against a deadly disease.

Scans found 2 growing tumours near his kidney and and liver

It started out with little Kalyan running a high fever that wouldn’t subside, no matter how many doctors were consulted or medicines were prescribed. Kanai and Saraswati shuffled from one clinic to another with their ailing son, in hopes of finding out what was troubling him, but in vain. Until one doctor recommended that they get a sonography done, and the results were no less than distressing.

“The doctor told us that our son had a tumour right above his kidney, maybe even another in his liver. We were advised to take him to Chennai, as soon as possible, so he could undergo surgery to remove the tumour. But at that point in time, we were struggling financially and couldn’t even imagine affording such an expensive procedure.” - Kanai, father

They learned that he was suffering from a rare type of cancer

A month later, Kanai and Saraswati managed to gather the required amount, by borrowing from their friends and family and mortgaging their house, and set off to Chennai from their hometown in Tripura. But life threw them another curve ball, when the thing they dreaded the most came true - Kalyan was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that forms in the adrenal glands.
I went weak in the knees just hearing my son’s name and cancer in the same sentence. For a moment I thought my ears were playing tricks on me, but I saw the broken expression on my husband’s face, and my heart plummeted to my stomach. I just couldn’t believe it… How could my 2-year-old have cancer? What’s more, they said it had spread to his bone marrow!” - Saraswati, mother

They managed to control the spread of his cancer, but he needs a transplant to survive

These parents were crushed at their son’s diagnosis. Nevertheless they put on a brave front, for the sake of their little boy, and stayed by his side as he underwent 8 cycles of chemotherapy, followed by a surgery to remove the tumour. His cancer is in remission now and he has been recuperating for the past month. He is currently being administered high dose chemotherapy and showing significant improvement in his condition.

Now, all Kalyan needs is an autologous stem cell transplant, a procedure where his own stem cells will be used for the transplant. But it is a procedure that will cost his parents a hefty sum of money, 10 lakhs to be precise. For Kanai, a painter and daily-wage earner, it is not an amount that he can afford, after spending every last rupee he had so far.

“This fear and pain that I’m feeling right now is not new to me. I lost my father to brain cancer 10 years ago. We had thought he would beat it, but he passed away in the midst of his treatment. And now I’m terrified that my son will suffer the same fate. I too have a growing tumour at the base of my spine that has been troubling me for quite some time now. But the doctors have told me it is not cancerous. I will only seek treatment for myself, when I know my son has recovered completely. I can't lose him like this. He is our everything, and life without him will be meaningless.” - Kanai

Kalyan's 13-year-old misses her baby brother dearly, and only wants him to return home safe and healthy. But his parents are failing to afford his transplant and supportive therapy. So, they are turning to you for your generous support. You can save their precious son with your contributions. Click here to donate.
Patient Kalyan Moy Das who is 2 years old, living in Agartala, Tripura
Being treated in Apollo cancer center, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Neuroblastoma

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