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Army Jawan Left His Job To Be There With His Sick Daughter But Still Can't Save Her

"After losing a child and having three miscarriages, Jayashree came into our life. We thought all our struggles have ended but it was just a beginning when my daughter was diagnosed with kidney disease. For the past eight years, we have spent more time in hospitals than anywhere else. I even took up a security guard job at the same hospital where she gets treated to look after her" -Damodaran, Father

"These hardships will end only if my child gets a new kidney, but the cost for us to save her life…it is beyond my capability" - Damodaran, Father

14-year-old Jayashree was living a healthy life. She was playing, going to school like every other child her age. But all of a sudden, she started getting constant fevers and unbearable body pain when she turned 6. No one could find out what her problem was. After various tests, doctors found out it was her kidney. She has End-Stage renal disease, the last stage of a kidney disease where only 10 to 15 % of her kidneys are functioning. Jayashree’s kidneys are failing and only a new kidney can keep her alive.

She is fighting each day to stay alive

"She has been alive because of the dialysis that she undergoes once in two days. She has to spend four to five hours a day sitting for the dialysis. It gives her so much pain that after each session she gets fatigued; as if her body is beaten up. There are days when I have to carry her home as she cannot walk due to the aching. She is fighting each day to stay alive," - Manjula, mother

This condition has already made the little girl lose her childhood and her valuable time. She hasn’t stepped into a school in years, neither has she played with her friends. The only friends she has now is the kids who come with her to the hospital for dialysis.

She stopped dreaming of getting back to school…she is slowly losing hope

"It’s been five years since she stopped going to school. Earlier she used to ask me when she can go and study but now, she just lost her hope and thinks it is something impossible. My husband and I can't donate because we are not matches.  Any of my relatives could be a fit but they don’t contact us anymore fearing we would ask them for money..." - Mother

Damodaran had to quit his job in the army so that he can take care of his only daughter. He has found himself a security job in this hospital so that he can accompany Jayashree to her treatments and know any updates regarding the kidney that she is waiting for.

How will I save my daughter if the expenses are double than my earnings?

"Nothing seemed more important than my daughter. So I quit my job to help my wife look after our ailing child. Three months back I had to take a security job as her medical bills were increasing and I had exhausted all the saved money on her treatment. Dialysis costs Rs.1500 and I had to spend around 30,000 every month just for her expenses. Working day and nights shifts all I could earn is Rs. 14,000. How will I manage and save my daughter if my expenses are double the earnings?" - Father

Jayashree's father needs to pay Rs. 9 Lakhs for the transplant that can keep little Jayashree alive and relieve her from all the pain. She will no longer need to go for painful dialysis and can get back to study as she dreamed. But her father has no money left to spare even for the next dialysis let alone lakhs for her transplant. You can help her live a normal life.
Patient Jayashree is 14 years old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr.Muthu Kumar in Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Kidney transplant treatment for End Stage Renal Disease

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