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1-Year-Old With Heart Disease Chokes When He Cries In Pain, He Needs Urgent Surgery

Jayant is 1.5 years old now and not one day has passed when he hasn’t been in pain. He is weak, tired and can’t even sit up on the bed for too long. The little one’s heart is failing and he is in need of an urgent surgery. 

“He is our only child. He is everything we ever wanted. And now imagine our helplessness when we can’t even afford the surgery that can save our Jayant,” - Anju, mother.  

He chokes when he cries out loud

It’s not unknown that babies express their hunger, pain and anger through their cries. These cries last for a few minutes till the mother soothes him down. But in Jayant’s case, it’s different. Anju gets scared whenever he cries because she knows she will have to rush Jayant to the hospital in the next half an hour.

Each time he lets out a long wail, he chokes on it and stops breathing. I can’t tell you how scary it looks. The first time it happened, we thought we would lose him. But by God’s grace and timely medical help, we saved him. However, his problem is getting worse with every passing day. Jayant doesn’t sleep - he cries and sobs all night long. He needs the surgery as soon as possible,” - Anju.  

They will cut open my little baby, what if he doesn’t survive?

Anju and her husband, Surender, have to take Jayant to the doctor almost every week. Jayant is under medication, he has even undergone one surgery two months back. But he is not getting any better.

“He turns blue when he cries. We make a very fine paste of rice and dal and then try to feed him but most of the time he vomits everything out. With no proper intake of food, he is not even growing. He is so weak all the time. Now the doctors are telling that Jayant needs another surgery where they would cut open his chest and fix his heart. I am so scared, what if he doesn’t come out alive,” - Anju.  

This father is desperate to save his only child

Surender works at a small hotel by the roadside in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He makes Rs 9000 in a month. He is a hardworking person who had saved as much as he could since the day his wife became pregnant.  He wanted to give his son all the best things in life. But now all that saved up money is over in Jayant’s treatment, he needs 10 more lakhs for the open-heart surgery.  

“But how do I arrange for that? No one is ready to give me any more money. And my son, he is suffering day and night. Please help me, only you can save him now,” - Surender, father. 

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Patient Jayant Kumar is 18 days old, living in uttar pradesh
Being treated in Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Congenital Heart Disease

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