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1-Year-Old With Watermelon-Sized Stomach Needs Urgent Liver Transplant To Survive

Every time I look at my child’s stomach, I can’t help but think of the pain my son is going through. It is getting bigger with each passing day and I fear that it will only increase his suffering... I can’t tell you how angry and helpless I feel right now, unable to do anything to make him feel better or save him.” - Prathima, mother

Having a baby is a blessing but watching them in pain every day is a curse. Prathima and Bapuji feel the same as they are watching their baby boy suffer for months, each day worse than before.

His liver is failing rapidly

“Just a few months after he was born, I noticed that his eyes and his body were turning yellow. He had jaundice and no medicine helped him recover. We could see him getting weaker and pale, his stomach growing bigger with him, but we didn’t know there was such a dangerous disease hiding behind it and killing my child slowly. For months we went from one hospital to the other for his treatment.... and then suddenly they told us that it is his liver and that it is failing.” - Bapuji, father

Janmejay suffers from biliary atresia, a condition in infants in which the bile ducts outside and inside the liver are scarred and blocked. Bile can't flow into the intestine, so it builds up in the liver and damages it.

He needs an urgent liver transplant

In cases like these, a Kasai surgery before the baby turns 3 months can help. But for Janmejay, it was too late by the time his condition was diagnosed. This little child is in critical condition and there is only one cure to his disease - a liver transplant, and he needs it now.

“This whole time I kept running here and there, sold all our gold, even mortgaged our joint house, asked everyone I know to lend me money... But now, I am unable to keep up with the expenses anymore. I am living in fear. If we can’t afford this transplant on time, we will lose him and if that day comes, I’ll never be able to forgive myself.” - Bapuji

Time is running out, only you can help

Bapuji had a job in town in a telecom company, but he was laid off during the pandemic. Right after he was unemployed, Janmejay fell sick and he could never get back to work. He has spent over 12 lakhs in the last 1 year and now, he has nothing left to continue. Only you can help.

Initial donor tests have confirmed that Janmejay’s grandmother is a match. Everything is good to go, but they are falling short on the funds for the procedure. The transplant will cost them INR 16 lakh which they cannot afford. 

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Patient Janmejay Behera is 1 year old, living in Angul, Odisha
Being treated in AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Biliary Atresia

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