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1-Year-Old Who Knows Nothing But Pain Will Lose Her Life Without Transplant

“She never stops crying. It’s very hard for me to see her like this. Every month she has to be admitted to the hospital because of pneumonia. We didn’t understand why this was happening to her. 8 months back, we found out she has a rare blood disease and needs a bone marrow transplant. We were devastated beyond words.” - Salma, mother

She’s been suffering from this disease since her birth and her parents were unaware

17 days after her birth, Inaya started having recurring pneumonia diarrhoea with fever. No matter how much treatment she was given, nothing seemed to make her better. So her parents took her to KIMS, Delhi. A few tests later, they found Inaya has Fanconi anaemia, a rare blood disease due to which she cannot produce red blood cells.

“While kids of her age are running and playing happily, Inaya didn’t even take her first steps. I don’t know for how long I have to watch her suffer. I want to ease her from this pain and we know the solution but we just can’t afford it.” - Salma, mother

Because of the disease, Inaya has very weak immunity and that’s why she gets recurring pneumonia. The treatment has weakened her body so much that she barely has the strength to sit on her own. Now Only a bone marrow transplant can save her life.

With no stable income, Akram is struggling to look after his family let alone the transplant

Akram works as a tile fitter in a small village in Haryana. He doesn’t have a stable income and his earnings depend on the work he gets. He hasn’t been to work properly ever since Inaya’s health started deteriorating.

 “It's been really hard for me to look after my family for the past 1 year. My earnings were less and Inaya’s hospital trips were frequent. I had to borrow from others for the treatment and family expenses. I have no savings and now no one to help to arrange such a huge amount for the transplant. Please help me save my daughter.” - Akram, father

Little Anaya will turn 2 in the next two months and so will her suffering if she doesn’t get a bone marrow transplant. The more her transplant gets delayed, the more her suffering will be. She can live a life better than this.

 All she needs is your generous contribution.
Patient Inaya is 2 years old, living in Chakrata, Uttarakhand
Being treated in Fortis Hospitals, Gurugram, Haryana

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Fanconi Anemia

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