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He Had Bright Future Ahead Of Him, But The Accident Has left Him Injured And Paralyzed While Fighting For His Life

It was early June, around 4:30 in the morning. My brother, Gourav, had just left for the gym with his friends, like he did every day when my phone started ringing. I never would have imagined that our lives would be turned upside down by that single phone call.

He Was An Unlucky Victim Of The Accident

Gourav was driving the car when a truck, reversing recklessly, collided with them. The impact was devastating. His friends in the backseat miraculously escaped without any injuries, and the friend sitting next to him sustained only minor injuries. But Gourav wasn’t so lucky. He bore the brunt of the accident, suffering severe injuries.

He Is Paralyzed And Critically Injured

When the report came, we learned that he suffered a severe spinal injury, with damage to the C3, C4, C5, and C6 spinal cords. He also sustained multiple injuries in his skull and nerve damage. He has also been fighting a high fever, above 100 degrees, for the past 18 days. His body is completely paralyzed below the neck with no definite prognosis for recovery.

We Were Already Financially Strained, We Cannot Afford 25.9 Lakhs

His condition is critical. Right now, Gourav needs intensive care and extended ventilation support to survive. The doctors have given us an estimate of 25.9 lakhs for the cost of continued care, but we cannot afford it. Our mother had a bypass surgery a few years back, which had already put us in financial strain. This accident has exhausted everything that was left, and we have no more resources.

He Wanted To Build A Better Future For Everyone

Gourav is not just my younger brother; he is the heart and soul of our family. Gourav was always determined to improve our family’s situation. His passion for bodybuilding was more than a hobby; it was his way to uplift us all. After years of dedication, he finally started achieving his dreams, participating in numerous shows and winning many competitions. That energetic and ambitious person is now stuck in bed, hooked to the machines. He regained consciousness a week ago and since then he has been restless and asking us to take him home.

A Desperate Plea Of Help

This accident has taken a toll on all of us. Our mother, a housewife, is shattered, spending every waking moment by his side while my father tries to console her. I live in Gurgaon with my own family, but I am here, trying to support them as much as I can. We feel helpless but we cannot give up on him. He is a fighter, and we need to give him every chance to recover. Any contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference. We believe in miracles, and with your support, we can make one happen for Gourav. 

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Patient gourav sharma is 27 years old, living in New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi
Being treated in Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi

Receiving treatment for Accident

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