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Young Man Feeds Thousands of Needy People Outside Government Hospitals Every Single Day

“When I see a hungry person, all I want to do is help them - regardless of who they are and what community they are from. Every morning, I eat only after they are fed.”- Mohd. Sujathullah

Sujathullah feeds nutritious breakfast every day to thousands of needy people outside three of Hyderabad’s most popular government hospitals - Koti Maternity Hospital, Nilofer Hospital, and NIMS Hospital. He wakes up at 5 am every morning, overseeing the arrangements at the hotel where the food is prepared. He then coordinates with his auto rickshaw driver, who transports the cans to various locations.

The sight of countless hungry people on the roads planted an idea in my heart and mind.

Mohd. Sujathullah is a pharmacy postgraduate who has secured his Pharm. D. from Sultan Ululoom College, Hyderabad. When he was pursuing his B.Pharm around seven years ago, he happened to write an exam badly. He prayed to God to help him pass the exam. When his prayers were answered, he decided to help by giving food to needy people at a railway station in Secunderabad.

“I fed dal and rice to around 10 people that day. But I felt mixed emotions and wanted to do more. The sight of countless hungry people on the roads planted an idea in my heart and mind.”- Mohd. Sujathullah

He used his pocket money to begin his charitable efforts

Seeing so many hungry people and society not caring made him start the Humanity First Foundation in 2016. He used his pocket money to start and then his family, friends, and relatives joined in. He was also inspired by his father who was a schoolteacher, and believed in serving society.
“I wanted to be a pilot, but life had different plans for me. I felt compelled to serve food to every needy, hungry, and neglected human being.” - Mohd. Sujathullah

Now, Humanity First Foundation feeds healthy breakfast to over a thousand people in Hyderabad every single day

Mohd. Sujathullah and his team provide healthy upma made with pure ghee and milk to people in and around three hospitals. 25 kg of upma is freshly prepared and served with 15 kg of chutney in bowls with spoons.  The daily cost for serving three hospitals is INR 5000.

“When I place the food packet in their hands, I see genuine gratitude and love in their eyes. Old mothers especially, think of me as their own son. Some people even call me ‘doctor’.  I am happy that I am able to make their lives better in some way.” - Mohd. Sujathullah

‘Our mission is to ensure that no one sleeps hungry’

Thrice a week, Mohd. Sujathullah and his team provide 300-400 packets of dinner - dal, rotis and vegetables - to the needy all around Hyderabad. They try to cover railway stations, junctions and other busy areas of the city so that no one sleeps hungry.

During the lockdown, we also distributed lunch packets to the migrant workers who were struggling to eat even one square meal. Additionally, we also supply diapers and medicines to old age homes in Hyderabad.” - Mohd. Sujathullah

‘We have impacted the lives of 25 lakh people until now, we need your support to help more people’

He is determined to broaden his food distribution network, reaching more areas to feed more people. Devoting his life to ending hunger, he looks forward to establishing an orphanage and an old age home in the future.

“My life has been dedicated to serving the needy. I want to do more for people who have no one, cannot go to work because of old age or illnesses, and do not know what life holds for them. I want to be their guardian angel. Please support me in this mission.” - Mohd. Sujathullah
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