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This Single Mother Is Struggling To Treat Her Ailing Daughter, She Needs Your Help

Back in 2016, 19-year old Nandita had to make the devastating choice between saving her daughter or herself while being rushed to the operation theatre for her delivery. She chose her baby without a second thought. Luckily, back then both of them survived. But now, Nandita is 22 and life is again being very cruel to her - for this time, she can lose her baby girl to blood cancer.

Her husband abandoned her when she needed him the most

Little Enakhi was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia after she fell severely ill and her blood count plummeted. Seeing her befriend the nurses and doctors at the hospital, all you can do is feel helpless for this little girl who is unaware of how cancer is killing her.

"When I rushed her to the hospital, they asked me to arrange for blood immediately. But when they told me to get 4 units of blood, I panicked. Why would my 3-year old baby require so much blood? Next day, she was given 3 more units of blood and still she was not responding. I begged my husband for help but he abandoned us when we needed him the most. Those 10 days, even doctors had given up hope on her, but she fought and stayed with me." - Nandita, mother 

She's doesn't have time to recover, she needs to be there for her child

A naïve Nandita was married off very young and barely knew how to raise a kid all by herself. To add to her anguish, her husband assaulted her physically and mentally for dowry. Despite pleading with her husband to mend his ways for the sake of their child, she was only met with bruises all over her body. Things escalated to such an extent that the abuse resulted in a cardiac condition, with Nandita requiring a life-threatening surgery.
"Every day when I see other fathers taking care of their children in the ward, I worry for Enakhi who may never have that chance. Seeing her father beat me black and blue has scarred her for life. One day she asked me to get a new Baba, who won't hit me anymore. How do I tell her that she is all I need in my life right now? Earlier I used to worry that with my deteriorating health, there would be no one to take care of her, but now I constantly wonder what I will do with my life if cancer takes her away from me..."

First cancer and now Covid-19 has weakened little Enakhi

To raise Enakhi single-handedly, Nandita took up a job at a consultancy firm. Barely a week into her new job, she had to quit after learning about Enakhi's cancer. She lost everything trying to afford her chemotherapy, but after they both tested positive for Covid-19, all her funds dried up in their treatment. The cancer cells are infecting Enakhi's blood rapidly and if they delay the treatment even by a bit, it might be too late.

Despite her medical issues, Nandita is trying her best to save little Enakhi but now she has no support to gather INR 6 lakhs on her own. Last week, they had to miss her chemotherapy because of a financial crunch. Owing to low immunity, Enakhi is now a high-risk patient; which means any lapses in her chemotherapy can now cost her life.

For Nandita, her entire world revolves around Enakhi because she has found a best friend in her daughter. She wants her baby girl to live a life where she is independent and respected, something which she was always deprived of. But for that, Enakhi needs to live and she needs your help. Click here to contribute.

Patient Enakhi Guha is 3 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated in TATA Medical Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for BCP-ALL

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