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Her Parents Watch Her Lying In The ICU Without Knowing If She'll Be Alive Tomorrow

“My Little Dona was excited about Christmas. She couldn’t wait to wear a new dress and eat as much cake she wants. She even wrote a list of things she wanted her appa to buy for her when he is back from work. But now…I’m not even sure if she will make it alive the next day. How could this happen to her? It was just a fever and now my child’s organs are slowly failing…she is holding on only with the help of machines” – Sneha, mother

She collapsed on the way, her father carried her in his arms and rushed to the hospital

A week back, 7-year-old Dona came home from school with a mild fever. Sneha noticed rashes on her child’s legs and stomach. Then Dona started vomiting continuously. They took her to the hospital but the blood tests came normal. Doctors told it is an ordinary fever and she can go home after an injection. But things only got worse after they reached home.

“The injection reduced the fever and I tucked her in after a few medicines. But she woke up screaming at the middle of the night. She said she cannot move her legs and arms. Terrified, we took her to another hospital. But before we could reach, she collapsed on the way. My husband carried her in his arms and ran into the hospital…begging and asking a doctor to do something to wake her up,” – Sneha.

By the time she was admitted, Dona’s condition has become worse. They put her in ICU right away and that’s when the couple knew their daughter had dengue. They were shocked and stood helpless when doctors told one more chilling news – that most of their daughter’s organs are shutting down.

Can a fever have the power to take my child away from me?

“I stood there perplexed when they told me the news… thousands of questions running in my head. How can this happen? How did my child’s liver and kidney stop functioning? She isn’t even opening her eyes. They say she is breathing only with the help of a ventilator and her blood and other organs are infected. Can a fever have the power to take my child away from me?” – Vinothan, father.

Dona has gone into a sudden septic shock due to the infection caused by dengue. Due to this, her organs are not functioning properly and she needs the support of machines and antibiotics. Due to renal failure, she is also undergoing dialysis and procedures to recover soon. Doctors hope Dona can come back normal with constant care and treatment for the next two weeks.

“In all this chaos, our only relief was when the doctors promised that she has 90% chances of recovery. She needs to stay in the ventilator and get support from machines to beat this condition. But I need to pay 18 lakhs for this treatment. With no time left, where and how will I arrange such a huge amount? The hospital bills are piling up and I’m helpless,” - Vinothan.

Vinothan is a constable. He has borrowed money from friends and put all his savings to afford but he is still running short of money.  His daughter’s life is at risk and she may die if her treatment stops. Only your kind contributions can save little Dona.

Only your generous help can make this parent see their little daughter alive

Patient Dona is 7 years old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr. Kannan in Dr Mehta Emergncy General Hptl, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Multi Organ Failure

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