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7-Year-Old With Rare Disease Suffers From Bleeding Eyes And Gums, Only Transplant Can Save Her

“Whenever she screams in pain, 'blood maa, my eyes are bleeding’,  I drop everything and run to her. Sickness has been a part of Dharashree’s life ever since she was a 3-month-old baby, but as she grew older it just kept instensifying. She is 7 now and her life is no less than hell. Her eyes and gums often bleed, and she has to undergo blood transfusions every 7 days. I just want my child to live a normal life, like other children of her age. But right now, it seems like a distant dream to us.”
 - Sushila, mother

Blood transfusions are the only thing keeping her alive

Little Dharashree was just a baby when her symptoms started to show. Her face was filled with red rashes and blisters. No matter how many hospitals her parents took her to, no one knew what was happening to her. They would often prescribe some medicines, but she only received temporary relief from them, and eventually her symptoms would return.

"We lost count of the number of hospitals we visited and tests we got done for our child. As she grew older, the problem also worsened. The spots and skin allergy spread throughout her body. 2 years ago, we had to rush her to the hospital, and there we found out that her blood levels were dangerously low. Ever since that day, blood transfusions have been the only thing keeping her alive." - Murathi, father

She needs a bone marrow transplant at the earliest

Dharashree initially needed a blood transfusion every six months. Then, once in a month. Now, she needs to get a blood transfusion every 7 days to survive. Her condition was diagnosed only recently. Dharashree suffers from Dyskeratosis congenital, a rare inherited bone marrow failure syndrome that causes reticulated skin hyperpigmentation.

“All these years we thought it to be some skin disorder but they were just the symptoms of something so horrible. She is in critical condition, not in a state to even move an inch and only a bone marrow transplant can save her now. We have finally found what the cause is and there is a solution too... but still, we are failing to provide it to her.” -Murathi 

They need your help to save their daughter 

Murathi is a daily wage worker and earns only a few hundred rupees a day, which is barely enough to put food on the table, let alone the medication that Dharashree needs. He has been struggling for years and has to borrow every time Dharashree needs a blood transfusion. Affording this transplant is way beyond his means. He is in desperate need of help.

“Dhara never had a proper childhood. She never went to school or even out to play, she barely has any friends and when she steps out for her hospital visits, she becomes extremely dull and sad that people are afraid to even look at her face. I want my child to beat this wretched disease, I want her to live a normal life. Is it too much to ask?" - Sushila

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Patient Dharashree is 7 years old, living in Erode, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Global Hospital, Chennai

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant

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