Deadly Infection Is Spreading Into This 1-Month-Old's Organs And Will Take His Life Without ICU Support | Milaap
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Deadly Infection Is Spreading Into This 1-Month-Old's Organs And Will Take His Life Without ICU Support

“For years we struggled to have a child in our lives and now that we have one, he’s battling for life in ICU. He’s in a lot of pain. I can see it in his eyes and yet I can’t do anything. I cannot hold him. I cannot comfort him. And I feel terrible for seeing him like this. I have to save him at any cost otherwise I’m just a mother who failed to save her son.” - Annapurna, mother

He was their miracle child after 14 miserable years of infertility

For years Rambabu and Annapurna longed to have a child and even after years of countless treatments, they couldn’t conceive. They had almost accepted the fact that they were not fated to experience parenthood. It was an unexpected miracle when Annapurna got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

He looked very healthy, until 10 days back when he started having loose motions uncontrollably. We rushed him to the hospital and it came as a shock to me when the doctors told us he has to be admitted immediately. A day before that he was completely fine and then he was admitted to ICU. I couldn’t hold my tears when the doctors told our son’s life is in danger. ” - Annapurna, mother

With his liver and kidneys badly infected, he needs continued ICU care to fight the infection

Due to extreme dehydration because of loose motions, Devansh has caught a viral infection that has spread into his liver and kidneys. He has even undergone surgery to remove a part of his small intestine that has been completely damaged due to the infection. Currently, he’s on ventilator support in ICU and he needs to continue his treatment for three weeks to survive this severe infection.

“We thought our family was finally complete the moment Devansh came into our lives. Now, I see that slipping away. His life is in danger and I don’t have money to continue his treatment.” - Rambabu, father

Rambabu could afford his child's treatment till now...but the road ahead is rocky

Rambabu works as a supervisor on a construction site and his income depends on the kind of work he manages to gain every month. Ever since his son  Devansh was admitted to ICU he has been spending INR 1 Lakh per day which is three times more than his monthly earnings. With some of his savings and the help he could get from his friends, he was able to look after the treatment but now he has run out of all the money help to continue the treatment.

“I have done everything in my strength and capacity to continue our son’s treatment but it doesn’t seem to be enough. The doctors informed us that our son’s health is improving and with a few weeks he’ll be out of ICU. I can only ask for your help to continue his treatment in intensive care.” - Rambabu, father

Rambabu and Annapurna are seeking your help in these desperate times as their only son is fighting for life each day. If struggling with infertility was not just enough, now they are on the verge of losing their son if they stop his treatment. Their son Devansh, has a chance to survive this deadly infection but only with your contribution.

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Patient Venkata Devansh Ancha is 1 month old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated in Rainbow Children's Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving PICU Care treatment for sepsis

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