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This Baby Girl Has Infections In Every Organ And Needs Your Help To Live

Just 20 days back, Chittithalli was a healthy 5-month-old baby. Her parents named her Aranya, but everyone called her ‘Chittithalli’ (affectionate way of saying little girl). She had started to make sounds at her parents and was playful and happy. When she suddenly caught a cough 15 days back, her parents knew that this wasn’t a normal cold.

“We went to the village clinic and got some medicines the next day. But in just a day, not only did her condition not improve, it got much worse. She stopped blinking and looked like she couldn’t breathe. When we went to the Mandal (sub-district) clinic, they asked us to go to the city immediately.” – Azad, Chittithalli’s father

In just two weeks, all Chittithalli’s major organs have been infected

As the baby’s parents discovered, the cold was just one of the infections that their baby had. Just a week into the hospitalisation, her lungs, kidneys, liver as well as brain are all fighting an active infection. The doctors suspect Chittithalli has been sick since she was in the womb. She needs intensive care and will not survive without it. Her parents are desperately hoping to save her.

“She was getting better and was ready for discharge. But then her condition got worse. Just when we felt relieved that we could take her home, her heart rate dipped to 30-40 beats a minute. We had to put her on the ventilator again. She is our life – we have no choice but to do whatever we can.” – Azad

The father is an electrician in a small village and is finding it hard to fund treatment

Only last month, Azad spent lakhs on his aunt’s brain surgery. Despite not having any more money left, he has spent about Rs 2.5 lakhs on Chittithalli’s hospital expenses till now. As an electrician in the village, he earns about Rs 7,000 in a month. He doesn’t know what doors to knock on any more for funds.

“We paid off last month’s bills with a lot of difficulty. I’ve asked help from so many people and borrowed a lot of money for this. She is so critical. I don’t want my baby’s treatment to stop no matter what. I am praying for the best to happen.” – Azad

Baby Chittithalli needs your support to live

Chittithalli has been bravely fighting to live for the last two weeks. With intensive care, she has shown signs of improvement. She needs prayers and continued medical support to beat her illness once and for all. Her parents are up day and night trying to give her one more day of medical care. They need urgent support in saving their baby.

Contribute to Chittithalli’s treatment and save her life.
Patient Chittitalli is 5 years old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated by Dr. Anupam Bahe in Ankura Hospital for women & children, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving PICU treatment for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

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