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This Mother Gave Birth To A Premature Baby Due To COVID Complications

“I never thought that due to COVID my entire family one by one will be battling between life and death situations. Despite taking every precautionary measure, this virus continues to ruin our lives. First, it took my father, and then it threatened to take my baby away even before it was born. She survived a cruel fate but her life is hanging by a thread, and I am failing to protect her.”
 - Dorababu, father

She had to undergo emergency c-section to save her baby's life

In July this year, Aparna and Dorababu both contracted COVID. While Dorababu recovered, Aparna had to be hospitalized when she was 6 months pregnant, and there were many complications. Aparna’s COVID medication was important for her to survive while the same medicines were a threat to her child’s life.

“Just when my wife recovered and we thought everything is going to be okay, scans revealed that our baby’s growth has become stagnant and that the liquid inside the womb, that protects the baby is drying up too. We were advised to undergo immediate c-section to save our baby.” -Dorababu

Her Grandfather passed away before he could meet her

“She was so fragile, barely a few grams in weight when she was born. I can’t stop blaming myself for her condition to date. Only if I was not COVID positive, my child would…” -Aparna, unable to continue

The baby was born on the 9th of August and a month later, Dorababu’s father passed away due to post COVID complications. His kidneys were damaged beyond repair and he had a paralysis attack. Before he could come to terms with the reality of his loss, he was running pillar to post, trying to keep his newborn alive. Their baby has fought through multiple complications over the last few weeks and now all she needs is prolonged care for a few more weeks. But Dorababu can’t afford the treatment anymore.

They need your help

“I have sold all our valuables and pulled out every rupee from my savings to keep my family alive. I have nothing left to continue now and I am scared that I will fail to save my daughter. I don’t want to lose her too.” -Dorababu

Their baby needs at least 4 more weeks in the hospital to recover which will cost these parents 16 lakh rupees. They can’t fight this battle alone. They need your help.

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Patient Baby Of R Aparna is 7 days old, living in Narsipatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in Rainbow Hospital, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Preterm baby/extremely low birth weight/ respiratory distress syndrome

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