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These First-Time Parents Helplessly Watch As This Disease Reduces Their Baby To Bones

The last few days have been a haze for Laxmi and Naresh. They have been spending hours in the waiting hall of the hospital, praying for their newborn. The young parents are struggling beyond their capacities to save their baby boy but they don’t know if they will be able to take their child back home, safe. 

My baby was born with a defect in his heart

“We got to spend just 4 days with him. After that, I noticed that my baby boy was struggling to breathe. He used to turn blue and gasp for every breath. The moment we took him to the hospital, they admitted him. That’s when we got to know that my baby’s heart is not working properly. He needed an immediate surgery. We didn’t know what was happening…,” - Laxmi, mother.  

The surgery took place but the baby is still not out of danger. He is suffering from severe pneumonia and infection in his body. 

Will this nightmare never end for us?

Laxmi and Naresh are first-time parents. But since the day their baby was born, they haven’t been able to smile even for a single moment. They have to spend their days worrying about their baby’s future.

“Look at him, you can even see his bones. He can’t even open his eyes, he doesn’t know that his parents are dying to hold him in their arms. The doctors said that he needs to be in the hospital for at least 4 weeks, how will I arrange for the treatment? I don’t even have a proper job…” - Naresh, father.  

Naresh has cows at his place in Faridabad, he sells their milk to somehow put food on his family’s plate. But that is far from enough. He had to borrow from his relatives to even start his son’s treatment.

Without your help, this desperate father will never be able to arrange for 7 lakhs for his baby boy. 
Patient Baby of Laxmi is 30 days old, living in Faridabad, Haryana
Being treated by Dr Pawan Sharma in Swastik Hospital, Faridabad, Haryana

Receiving treatment for Congenital Heart Disease

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